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OnDevice Study for the IAB Infograph by Opera Mediaworks


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Mobile video is now directly competing against television for eye balls. People are dual screen watching during prime time TV hours or cutting the cord entirely.

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OnDevice Study for the IAB Infograph by Opera Mediaworks

  1. 1. No TVNeverRarelySometimesOften 38% 28% 24% 6% 5% Have they seen ads on mobile that they have seen on TV? Perfer contextually relevant ads Non Contextual HOW CAN ADVERTISERS ENGAGE WITH CUSTOMERS? WATCH FREE VIDEOS Pay for each video Pay a monthly subscription HOW OFTEN DO YOU WATCH VIDEO ON YOUR SMARTPHONE WHILE YOU ARE WATCHING TV? MOBILE WEBSITES ORAPPS? Mobile Web Both In App School Someone Else’s Home Work Home HOW DO PEOPLE WATCH? THE PEOPLE WANT FREE INCREASE YOUR AD RECALL WHERE ARE THEY WATCHING globally 2014 - 2015 Mobile Video 2015: A global perspective OnDevice Survey Study for IAB (US & Canada data only) Graphics by: MOBILE MOBILE VIDEO IS MIRRORING TV VIEWING 5-8am 8-11 am 11-2pm 2-5pm 5-8pm 8-11pm 11-2am 2-5am RISING CORD CUTTERS IS NOW PRIMETIME U s e r s w a t c h i n g m o b i l e v i d e o