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easyGTD - product Info

  1. 1. Time management for corporate environment www.easygtd.com
  2. 2. ¿What is easyGTD? easyGTD is a personal task management service for small business and freelancers that uses the leading GTD methodology. Get organized with efficiency. Work focused and motivated. Reduce stress. Improve your proffesional performance. Improve your team efficicency.
  3. 3. ¿Qué es GTD? GTD stands for Getting Things Done, and is a personal productivity method recognized worldwide for its high effectiveness in reaching your business and personal goals. The GTD methodology was created and spread worldwide by David Allen. GTD is currently used by major companies and institutions such as Yahoo, IBM, General Electric, and Harvard University.
  4. 4. easyGTD through its online platform provides access to a complete web based GTD implementation. As a value added service, you will get: <ul><li>E-learning courses on the methodology and use
  5. 5. Videos and audiobooks on the service
  6. 6. Access to a community of users and Blog
  7. 7. Support via Internet </li></ul>What is the purpose of easyGTD?
  8. 8. Management software It works in five easy steps: <ul><li>Capturing , that allows the system to catch all the stuff in your mind
  9. 9. Clarifying , that allows you to identify what is each stuff for and clasify it
  10. 10. Organizing , that allows you to think and organize the work to do
  11. 11. Doing , where you do the actual work
  12. 12. Reviewing , that performs the periodic system maintenience </li></ul>
  13. 13. Management softwar Capturing It allows you to collect and empty thoughts in your head, recording all this stuff into a trusted system. This allows you to put all your energy into work and not be worried about things that can be forgotten.
  14. 14. Management software Clarifying It allows you to convert your thoughts into concrete actions and plan when they should be done and what resources are needed. The type of actions are: <ul><li>Delegated to other person
  15. 15. Scheduled to a given time
  16. 16. For doing as soon as possible </li></ul>The criteras for organizing are: <ul><li>Required energy
  17. 17. Required time
  18. 18. Priority </li></ul>Actions are associated to a given context, such as: <ul><li>Computer
  19. 19. Errands
  20. 20. ... </li></ul>
  21. 21. Management software Organizing In this phase the goal is to plan the work to do: <ul><li>Create, modify and delete projects
  22. 22. Classify actions into projects
  23. 23. Decide which actions are going to be done in this week
  24. 24. Move non immediate projects and actions to the Someday / Maybe list </li></ul>
  25. 25. Management software Doing It allows you to access the action list classified by various criteria where all the work to do has been already planned so the productivity is great.
  26. 26. Management software Reviewing In this step you will review all your system so that it keeps being trusted by your own brain. This step must be done weekly, and consists on a series of tasks, such as: <ul><li>Putting all papers and notes into your Inbox
  27. 27. Clarify all your Inbox (EasyGTD, mail Inbox, phisical inbox, ...)
  28. 28. Review all delegated actions
  29. 29. Review previous week and next week calendar items
  30. 30. Review projects
  31. 31. Review actions by context
  32. 32. Review Someday / maybe list
  33. 33. Empty your brain (through a detailed exercise) </li></ul>