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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. O P EN S IDE.Capital works, coordinated
  2. 2. Coordinating capital works scheduleswith other asset owners is challenging
  3. 3. Your in-ground assets can be co-located withthose from 100’s of different service providers
  4. 4. Service providers from the electricity, water, gas, telecoms, roads, oil and rail industries
  5. 5. Determining who intends to work onwhat, where and when is near impossible
  6. 6. But without this knowledge, yourorganisation & the community suffers
  7. 7. Schedule overlaps can causecostly construction delays
  8. 8. Increased street cuts reduce asset life
  9. 9. Enrage motorists& local residents
  10. 10. And can cripple local business
  11. 11. And without this oversight,collaboration opportunities are lost
  12. 12. Roughly 70% of network infrastructure works costs arenot unique to the individual works, regardless of industry
  13. 13. These include traffic management, street opening,permits, vegetation clearing and road resurfacing
  14. 14. These are costs that can be shared among thosethat intend to conduct works at the same location
  15. 15. Openside ensures con icts are avoided & you’renoti ed of any potential collaboration opportunities
  16. 16. Simply upload your capitalworks schedule to Openside
  17. 17. Your schedule will then be analysed against the schedules of other asset owners
  18. 18. To produce a list of potentialcollaborative capital works
  19. 19. Ensuring that your works are neverin con ict with other asset owners
  20. 20. Asset life cycles are increasedthrough reduced street cuts
  21. 21. There is less disruption for motorists, residents and local business owners
  22. 22. And your organisation can decreaseits capital works cost by up to 35%
  23. 23. Image: $0 And best of all, it’s FREE
  24. 24. Openside Pty Ltd (02) 9229 82720