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Pink army july 31


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Pink army july 31

  1. 1. @ANDREW HESSEL JULY 31 02010 a drug company for everyone PINK ARMY COOPERATIVE
  2. 2.
  3. 5. andrew hessel
  4. 7. COMPILE DESIGN design/build/test cycle EXECUTE TEST applications
  5. 8. David Appleyard
  6. 13. CANCER
  7. 16. CANCER R&D IS
  8. 18. Evolutionary distance ~ 4 billion years two completely different species, far removed, and bacteria are clonal
  9. 19. many chemical compounds have antimicrobial activity without seriously harming human cells
  10. 21. Evolutionary distance max: patient’s age cancer cells are same species, only recently diverged, and every divergence is unique, cells continue to degrade over time (mixed)
  11. 23. photo by billy hunt
  12. 25. christa slotboom
  13. 26. TARGETING FAST GROWING CELLS IS SO 1950 there are plenty of normal cells that grow fast too, making treatments needlessly harsh ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DRUGMAKING IS ILLOGICAL each person’s DNA is different, their mutations are different, cancers are of mixed cell types CANCER RESEARCHERS DON’T MAKE DRUGS drug companies make drugs A LOT OF RESEARCH ISN’T USEFUL there appears to be a near-infinite number of paths to cancer CHANGE IS HARD cancer is industry with tremendous inertia
  14. 27. THE IDEAL THERAPEUTIC specific to the cancer gentle effective made quickly inexpensive
  15. 28.
  16. 29. Scientists new drug X shareholders Lawyers MANUFACTURERS clinical trials Economists physicians Insurance companies geneticists
  17. 31. system is inherently limited requires blockbusters unable to accelerate
  18. 32. RISK vs BENEFIT ( n >1) STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF POPULATIONS requires large markets failure is expensive political slow
  19. 33. RISK vs BENEFIT ( n =1) no statistics – just direct observations risk benefit analysis always an individual decision ?
  20. 34. isolate and analyze design build test failures provide and evaluate SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY BIOFAB results COOPERATIVE data sharing
  21. 37. aims to bring together researchers, developers, cancer sufferers and supporters in a self-funded, open-source therapeutic venture
  22. 38. goal: not a new drug, but a completely new way of making drugs one that can accelerate and improve over time
  23. 39. a significant step towards faster, better, cheaper cancer drugs + =
  24. 40. diagnostics today, treatments tomorrow
  25. 41. join us