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What to expect at the UKTI export jam


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Whether you are already exporting, looking to export, or haven’t yet considered internationalising your business, we need your help to design the future of export support.

Your challenge: help us transform the current export support landscape so that we can achieve our ambition of making Britain the most proactive export nation in the world.

To kick this off this work, UK Trade and Investment's Ideas Lab are hosting Export Jams on 28th July at locations up and down the country – but they won’t work without you. You’ll have the chance to network with businesses facing challenges just like yours, to share insights and experiences, and to collaborate with others to create prototypes of the products and services you need in the future.

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What to expect at the UKTI export jam

  1. 1. What to expect at Export Jam?
  2. 2. Overview of the day On July 28th 2015, the UKTI Ideas Lab with the Policy Lab UK are holding events across England. Each location will have the chance to connect with UKTI’s international embassies and advisors in a globally networked ‘virtual jam’. The all day sessions are being held in nine regions bringing people together to share ideas, collaborate, and contribute to the future of export services. Export Jam 28th July 2015 North East (Newcastle) Yorkshire and Humber (Leeds) North West (Manchester) East Midlands (Nottingham) East of England (Wyboston) South West (Bristol) South East (Reading) London (London) West Midlands (Birmingham) Map not to scale
  3. 3. What is an Export Jam? A ‘global jam’ is where different people come together in small groups, simultaneously networked around the world to share insights, generate new ideas, build concepts and present them, all in a limited amount of time.
  4. 4. Who should attend? Anyone with an interest in export can attend Export Jam – in fact meeting new people is an important part of any jam - Please note as places are limited we are prioritising space for:  Medium sized businesses who have exported and those that wish to in the future  Entrepreneurs and start ups  Designers, creatives and technologists  B2B and Business support intermediaries. Export Jam 28th July 2015
  5. 5. What to expect? 1. It all starts with a challenge 2. Create teams and share your skills and experience 3. Think about how export works now, what could be improved 4. Get creative about potential new ways to improve export 5. Build concepts and prototypes 6. Pitch ideas for the future 7. Capture the best ideas 8. Enjoy the day (but with a serious aim). Export Jam 28th July 2015
  6. 6. We look forward to seeing you, places are limited so register your interest in one of nine places. Or if you can’t make it in person why not join us online in Virtual export jam Export Jam 28th July 2015
  7. 7. Tools and techniques Each place will be different, but what follows are some of images from the Policy Lab #northernfutures #openideas day Here is a video from our last open ideas day
  8. 8. Asset mapping Creative tools This activity involves participants in collectively creating and then describing a visual map of the assets and resources in Leeds and the North.
  9. 9. Customer journeys Creative tools A great way to really get into the shoes of the people you are designing for is to imagine who they are, what they do and what else is going on in their life Newcastle
  10. 10. Ideas stimuli Creative tools Use local and national newspapers to stimulate discussion about current challenges northern cities are facing.
  11. 11. Studio Design Sessions Creative tools Come up with an idea and do a quick 30 second pitch to get immediate feedback from your peers to improve the solution Liverpool
  12. 12. Creative tools Manchester Export Jam #exportjam
  13. 13. Sign up here to register interest in attending your nearest Export Jam