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Detailed guide to working with and commissioning Policy Lab


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Detailed guide to working with and commissioning Policy Lab

  1. 1. A detailed guide to commissioning Policy Lab Summer 2015
  2. 2. About Policy Lab 1 2 3 4 5 Working with Policy Lab Projects to date Policy Lab support Summary Background to Policy Lab
  3. 3. We bring new approaches and tools to government policy-making; from data science to user-centred design. Policy Lab
  4. 4. Policy Lab What is Policy Lab? The Policy Lab is funded by departments for departments. We are a small team, supported by departmental secondees and external experts. We work with policy-makers to help them put policy ideas through their paces, bringing open policy making approaches to life on real projects.
  5. 5. What we do in Lab We create a neutral space for policy-makers to collaborate across departments and engage with the public and external experts in key policy areas. We do this through a rigorous, collaborative process using a range of innovative tools and techniques from data science to design. Policy Lab
  6. 6. Practical delivery The Lab provides a practical space where policy teams are supported to identify: - Insights into the needs of service users - Ideas, innovation and transformational change - Knowledge and expert opinion to inform policy development - Opportunities to enhance the deliverability of policies through testing and prototyping - Efficiencies and cost savings. Policy Lab
  7. 7. Working with Lab
  8. 8. Working with Lab How to get started? We offer a quick overview of Policy Lab and an opportunity to work up a project idea in an introductory workshop for policy teams who may be interested in running a lab project.
  9. 9. Working with Lab Commissioning Lab Our projects come from all parts of government. We are always open to enquiries for new projects. We offer a quick overview of Policy Lab and an opportunity to work up a project idea in an introductory workshop for policy teams who may be interested in running a lab project. For more information contact
  10. 10. What we do Our support is best suited to tackling intractable, complex, systemic policy problems that require fresh thinking that can lead to potentially transformative solutions. To date we have worked with a range of policy teams who are interested in developing new skills and trying out innovative policy tools. Working with Lab
  11. 11. Capacit y New Skills Knowledge & Tools Capabil ity New Solutions Compete nce Inspiring Projects Improved Performance Innovative Policy New Thinking Working with Lab Open policy in action The Lab provides fresh thinking, practical support and an R&D testing ground for policy innovation across government. We draw extensively on the experience of other innovation labs around the world, as part of the global lab network. Our innovative practices are described in the open policy making toolkit and blog.
  12. 12. The Lab offer What How Impact to date 1. Lab delivers new policy solutions Lab policy projects Six projects in year one, demonstrating the value of new techniques such as ethnography and rapid prototyping. 2. Lab fosters skills and knowledge ‘Lab Light’ sessions, Policy Sprints, Policy Schools, learning and development training courses. Over 1,200 Civil Servants have gained practical open policy skills. 3. Lab inspires new thinking Talks, workshops, newsletters, blogs, short films. Over 5,000 policy- makers have seen Policy Lab material and blogs. Working with Lab
  13. 13. Working with Lab Project team and associates The Lab brings together experts from inside and outside government to support projects. We work with service designers, ethnographers, data scientists and subject specialists on our projects. We can provide a neutral platform for collaboration with citizens, staff and key stakeholders.
  14. 14. Lab projects
  15. 15. World class policy practice To date we have worked on a range of cross-departmental policies from employment support to mediation of divorce. We seek to deliver better policy outcomes at lower cost. Lab projects to date
  16. 16. Lab projects to date Previous projects Policing in a digital age with the Home Office & Surrey & Sussex Police Family Mediation with the Ministry of Justice National Insurance Numbers with HMRC & DWP Employment Support Allowance with DWP / DH Free places for 2 Year olds with DfE
  17. 17. Policy Lab project support
  18. 18. What kind of Support? Lab projects Lab sprints Short commissioned facilitation to help teams accelerate projects. Lab projects Commissioned policy projects up to a year long on complex challenges
  19. 19. Diagnose Discover Develop & Deliver Lab light Full project Establish scope & Generate insights Identify knowledge Develop, test and refine shared ideas and proposals Policy Lab Team with Policy Lead Policy Lead Policy Lab full project process 2015 ExternalInternal
  20. 20. Lab project support Lab Sprints Lab Sprints provide wrap- around support for teams over a short intensive period of time to accelerate a new or existing policy project. Through a series of guided sessions the Lab provides expert facilitation, tools and guidance to enable teams to collaborate, open up their policy area and explore and prioritise a range of opportunities.
  21. 21. Lab project support Lab Sprints Lab Sprints can include a range of tools and techniques such as: - Building a shared vision - Clarifying early objectives - Identifying user-perspectives - Bringing expert or specialist views - Re-framing problems - Unblocking challenges - Road-mapping futures.
  22. 22. Optional additional units Policy Lab Team with Policy Lead Lab Intro Hopes & fears Personas / pen portraits 1-3 hours Rapid Ideas generation Asset mapping As Required Lab sprint process 2015 PrototypingChallenge Setting Opportunity mapping Journey mapping Research Review Lab introduction Lab sprint Road- mapping Session write up Pitches / critique As Required As Required Evaluate 3 hours – 3 days
  23. 23. Lab project support Lab full projects Lab projects provide bespoke support for teams for up to a year to enable policy-teams to work in new ways. Teams build new skills through a live project from strategy to delivery. Working with a Policy Lab senior policy advisor, teams get one to one support and mentoring to develop policies using world-class techniques.
  24. 24. Lab project support Lab full projects Each project is different and may include: - An introduction to Lab - A project sprint to help frame the project - Commissioned external support - Developing user-insights through ethnographically informed research - Ideas generation - Testing and trialing options in action - Measuring the impact and sharing best practice.
  25. 25. Engage with sponsor Commission experts Citizen insight Establish governance ExternalInternal Options appraisal Test and evaluate Policy Lab Team with Policy Lead Policy Lead Lab Intro Outline proposal Prototyping Implement 3-6 weeks Ethnography and expert input Evaluate Advisory group Expert group Project group 4-8 weeks Identify scope Generate insights Develop shared ideas and proposals Policy Lab full project process 2015 Lab Sprint As Required As Required Lab Report Co-lab Session
  26. 26. Lab light support
  27. 27. Lab light Lab taster sessions These short sessions provide introductions to using Lab tools and techniques. We can tailor them to suit so can be included in Policy Schools, departmental training and away days. What kind of Support?
  28. 28. Lab light Lab taster sessions The tools are also described in the open policy toolkit including: - Hopes and fears - Challenge setting - User journey mapping - Personas - Generating ideas - Prototyping - Service blueprinting What kind of Support?
  29. 29. Lab light Lab experiments Through our experiments we have developed a number of policy ‘firsts’ for government. Departments can set a challenge or join us to try our new ways of working through one off trials of new and emergent techniques. What kind of Support?
  30. 30. Diagnose Discover Develop & Deliver Lab light Full project Establish scope & Generate insights Identify knowledge and ideas Develop, test and refine ideas and proposals Optional additional units Policy Lab Methodbank Lab Intro Hopes & fears cards Personas / pen portraits Rapid Ideas generation Asset mapping Lab tools and templates Rapid Prototyping / minimal viable product Challenge setting Opportunity mapping Customer Journey mapping Research Review Road- mapping Review / pitches / critique Ideation & co-design Policy Canvas Discovery cards Change cards Setting scope Design sketch sheets Ethno- graphy Options review pages Service or systems blueprint Speculative design Road- mapping template Service blueprint Persona template User- journey maps 72 3 5 8 11 12 131 9 Feedback Pages 6 Policy on a page template 10 Challenge setting cards 4
  31. 31. Background to Policy Lab
  32. 32. About Lab We support departments across the UK from our base at the Cabinet Office’s Government Innovation Group. The Lab offers a ‘pop up’ lab experience to departments wishing to build capabilities in-house. Policy Lab team: Paul Maltby, Dr Andrea Siodmok, Beatrice Andrews and Cat Drew. AHRC Research Fellow, Dr Lucy Kimbell. What is policy Lab?
  33. 33. Policy Lab Result In our first year we worked with over 1,200 civil servants on practical projects and workshops. As a result of collaboration and new insights our policy projects deliver better outcomes at lower cost. To date our projects are estimated to create over £3m in savings if implemented at scale.
  34. 34. Work to date: Demonstration projects: Home Office & Surrey and Sussex Police; Ministry of Justice; HMRC & DWP; Department of Health & DWP; Policy Profession Support Unit; Department for Education. Lab sprint projects: Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Office Horizons Scanning team, GO Science, DWP, Civil Service Learning and Departmental Policy Schools. Design industry experts: Uscreates, Innovation Unit, Live-work, Studio InTo, Nonon, RedFront, Made Open and Public i. Events: Civil Service Live, Institute for Government. Advisors, friends and partners: MindLab, GDS, Design Council, Nesta, the RSA and All Party Parliamentary Group on Design and Innovation. With thanks to Lab partners, friends and industry experts [Summer 2015]
  35. 35. Policy Lab UK Read more Or follow us on twitter @PolicyLabUK Or contact