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Brian Sabart, application engineer at Stratasys, presents on capabilities of 3D printing in business, defense and industry. Originally sponsored by Fisher Unitech and presented on May 7, 2013 as part of Openly Disruptive's Disruptive Diner series. More info at OpenlyDisruptive.org

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Dd3d brian sabbart

  1. 1. Direct Digital Manufacturing withAdditive Fabrication TechnologiesMay 7, 2013
  2. 2. Professional Systems
  3. 3. Materials is what makes the difference!
  4. 4. Traditional Tooling Alternatives• Metal Fabrication ToolingStretch FormingHydro Forming• Weight savingsover solid metaltooling• Self-lubricatingpolymers
  5. 5. • Large Tools• 2.3m Long Hydro Form Tool• PC Material• Methods to join parts provenLarge ToolOptimized Tool100+ Cycles100+ CyclesOriginal ToolTraditional Tooling Alternatives• Metal Fabrication Tooling
  6. 6. End Use Parts – Renewable EnergySandwich composites for wind turbine components• Strength to weight ratio critical• Cores increase stiffness and bending strengthCommercial-grade thermoplastic Fortus generated cores• Withstand lay-up and curing process +250 F / 50psi• Support lay-up and curing without tooling• Composite parts up to 30% lighterResult in process improvements for composite parts• Design flexibility: closed internal passages• Make changes or custom parts fasterFirst article produced in 6 days• Reduces leadtime by 67%• Reduces costs by 52%Sandwich Composite Production Cost Cut 52%12 days(67%)$14,000(52%)Savings6 days$13,000Direct DigitalManufacturing18 days$27,000ConventionalfabricatingTimeCostMethod
  7. 7. Printed ElectronicsAerosol Jet
  8. 8. Durable, Stable PartsFunctional door handlesReplacement Bumpers
  9. 9. Hollow Part MoldsMulti-piece coresMulti-piece post bonded componentsFDM soluble cores
  10. 10. ManufacturingUrbeeUrbee is a two-passenger hybridcar designed to be incredibly fuelefficient, easy to repair, safe todrive, and inexpensive to own.
  11. 11. End-Use PartsCurrent Commercial Applications• ECS Ducts• Avionics Racks• In-Flight Entertainment• Window Reveals
  12. 12. End Use Parts – Light AircraftPicture courtesy of RapidPSI
  13. 13. Aerospace – Interior applicationsULTEM 9085 Flame, Smoke, & Toxicity ratedEnables commercial aerospace interior applications
  14. 14. End-Use PartsFuture Commercial ApplicationsCustomized…• Air vent & light fixtures• Cabin interiors• Seating• Panels• Storage• Cockpit & gauge clusters
  15. 15. End-Use PartsCurrent Military/Defense Applications• Optimized wing sections• UAV’s• Wind Tunnel Models• Camera Gimbals• ECS Ducts
  16. 16. On Demand Additive Manufacturing of aBasic Surgical Kit DARPA Service Chiefs Fellowship ProgramPrinted Basic Surgical KitUprint in mock field location connected to generator powerSoldier wearing “Cut Suit” Simulated laparotomy surgery using FDM surgical tools
  17. 17. DesignIris van Herpen, Fashion DesignerThe ability to vary softness andelasticity inspired us to design a“second skin” for the bodyacting as armor-in-motion; inthis way we were able to designnot only the garment’s form butalso its motion.
  18. 18. Emma’s ArmsNemoursA Children’s Health System
  19. 19. Emma’s Story3D printed“exoskeleton” lets alittle girl lift her armsand play.
  20. 20. THANK YOU!Brian Sabartbrian.sabart@stratasys.com