Open Data Conference - Gesche Schmid - Introductin


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Open Data Conference - Gesche Schmid - Introductin

  1. 1. Local and National GovernmentOpen Data across EuropeGesche SchmidProgramme Manager Transparency, LGACambridge, 26 September
  2. 2. • Opening Up :• Open and social ways to transform government• Opening local government organisations and businesses to new opportunities to develop innovative services through the use of open data and to encourage smart use of social media.• EU funded Programme covering the North Sea region of Europe.;• Hashtag for the day #OpeningUp
  3. 3. North Sea Region: Opening Up Partner organisations• Intercommunale Leiedal, Kortrijk, Belgium• Groningen municipality, Netherlands• Hoeje-Traastrup municipality, Denmark• Karlstad municipality, Sweden• Hanze University, Groningen, Netherlands• Porism Limited, representing esd-toolkit, UK• Lessius University, Mechlen, Belgium
  4. 4. Opening Up Objectives Include new social media Accredited channels in European Spearhead the training programme Service Listadoption and use of open data on social media Integrate social media Develop transformational into government and citizen-led services business service delivery through the use of social media Build a community Measure an of practitioners organisations capacity in the NSR to use social media
  5. 5. Opening Up
  6. 6. “Open data shouldnt only be accessible to software developers, statisticians and accountants. As more and more open public data is released, we need to find ways to make sure it is useful for people who want to make a difference in their local area. ” Janet Hughes, 18 September 2012 about Lambeth for-policy-and-decision-making
  7. 7. Open data in local government inEngland• Open by default• Open data to meet – Transparency, – Economic growth – Social and environmental well being – Efficiencies and improved services• Meet local demands and needs• Diverse, flexible, innovative, engaging, serving• One size does not fit all
  8. 8. Spending data:Body Name Body Name Amount Pay Date Description 1Bristol City Council @SYMES HARTCLIFFE & WITHYWOOD COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPTRAINING COSTS 590 30/08/2012 EMPLOYEEBristol City Council 962.5 COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPTRAINING COSTS @SYMES HARTCLIFFE & WITHYWOOD 16/08/2012 EMPLOYEEBristol City Council 922.5 10 SQUARED LIMITED 29/08/2012 EQUIPMENT, FURNITU
  9. 9. Hills are Evil:Identifies areas wherewheelchair users caneasily get around inBristol.Mobile Bristol incollaboration betweenBristol City Council,Media Sandbox andUniversity of Bristol
  10. 10. Today we aim to• demonstrate practical achievements and challenges – What we can we do with Open Data – Why we need Open Data• explore the possibilities, legalities and technical skills needed in using Open Data under two broad themes: – the challenges faced by government in making data available for use by other governments, citizens and businesses – the challenges businesses, citizens and municipalities face in using open data to improve and streamline access to services
  11. 11. Agenda10.00 Keynote – Position in UK / EU Andrew Stott10:20 The LOD2 project and the life-cycle of Linked Data on the Web Sören Auer10:35 State of Play Mike Thacker, Porism Ltd, OUP Partner10:55 Standards in UK & Progress Paul Davidson, Local eGovernment Standards Body, UK11.15 Refreshments11:30 The use of open data in Ghent and the Ghent App Contest Bart Rouseau, Head of Communication Strategy of the City of Ghent.11:50 Opportunities and risks: the freedom of information and data protection implications of open data Steve Wood, Head of Policy Delivery, Information Commissioner’s Office, UK12:10 Open data as an operating model in the public sector John Sheridan, Head of Legislation Services at The National Archives12:30 Open data in a GIS-perspective Bjorgulf Torjussen, Norway12:50 Lunch
  12. 12. Afternoon Agenda: Use of data13:45 Open Knowledge Foundation co-founder Rufus Pollock14:00 Examples of making sense of data Frank Willems, Hanze University, Netherlands14:15 Practical examples of use of Open Data Stuart Harrison, Lichfield District Council14:30 Top 20-datasets-to-go Paul Suijkerbuijk, Project leader of Dutch open data site14:45 Refreshments on the go!!14:45 Marketplace of ideas. A place to show their projects and discuss ideas!!15:30 Summary by chair, Dr Gesche Schmid 15.45 Close
  13. 13. Market Place• City of Ghent : Bart Rosseau• Effective service delivery (esd) toolkit: Nicki Gill• Groningen Hanze and Mechlen Lessius Universities: Marijke Lemal• Information Commissioner’s Office: Katie Johnson• Intercommunale Leiedal – Opening Up project: Jeroen Thibaut• LGA Knowledge Hub: Michael MacCauley• LG Inform: Tim Adams• Linked Open Data 2 project / Open Knowledge Foundation: Mark Wainwright