In ThisIssueCustomerAppreciation Year-RoundFailure: 5 Wordsto AvoidThanksgivingPoemFranchisee ofthe MonthTraining Calendar...
JUST FOR FUNT’was the nightof ThanksgivingHappy ThanksgivingTo You and Yours!T’was the night ofThanksgiving,But I just cou...
BETTER BUSINESS PRACTICE5 Words to AvoidFailure:The words that people use every day determine whether they will achieve fa...
“Give thanks for unknown blessingsalready on their way."NATIVE AMERICAN SAYING2012 ARIZONAFRANCHISE MEETING SCHEDULEMeetin...
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Open Works Janitorial Franchise Newsletter November 2012


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Read the OpenWorks janitorial franchise newsletter from November 2012. For more news archives, please visit

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Open Works Janitorial Franchise Newsletter November 2012

  1. 1. In ThisIssueCustomerAppreciation Year-RoundFailure: 5 Wordsto AvoidThanksgivingPoemFranchisee ofthe MonthTraining CalendarFranchise ReferralProgramWe can never lose sight of the fact that without our customers we have no business.Thanking them or appreciating them should be so easy and the largest part of whatwe do outside of providing a superior service. In this season ofThanksgiving it is easy to re-member to show our gratitude but it is important to show appreciation for our cus-tomers year round! Here are a few things you can do on a consistent basis:• Visit people face-to-face when possible to give the most personal thanks.Take them to lunch or bring coffee to them.• Don’t just go the extra mile,go 10 extra miles to provide fabulous,mem-orable service … always!• Make random check-in calls throughout the year just to see how theyare and if there’s anything you can do for them.• Go out of your way to learn something special about yourcustomer, about their family, or perhaps a hobby of theirs orsomething they collect;and be sure to ask about it and showa genuine interest.• Return calls promptly.This is a great way to show yourcustomer that they matter.• Always be genuine and sincere (no matter what kindof day you’re having!).• Always thank customers with each and every order.Slip something extra in their order or hand write apersonal note on the receipt.• Show random acts of thoughtfulness.Perhaps bysending a book that is inspirational or applies to be-ing an entrepreneur or business owner.Email anarticle that you think might be helpful to them orthey’d get a kick out of.• Instead of the standard holiday card,send cardsat different,unexpected times of the year.SendThanksgiving cards or New Year cards or Valentine’sCards! Be really creative and send Groundhog Day orFourth of July cards.Your customer won’t forget you!• The best and always most personal way to show your cus-tomer you value them is with a simple, sincere, handwrit-ten Thank-You note! Invest in nice stationary and uniquestamps.If you’re handwriting isn’t the best,have someonewrite it for you while you dictate it.peningDoorsT H E F R A N C H I S E E S ’ N E W S L E T T E R F R O M O P E N W O R K S ®N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2CustomerAppreciation Year-Round
  2. 2. JUST FOR FUNT’was the nightof ThanksgivingHappy ThanksgivingTo You and Yours!T’was the night ofThanksgiving,But I just couldn’t sleep.I tried counting backwards,I tried counting sheep.The leftovers beckoned,The dark meat and white.But I fought the temptation,With all of my might.Tossing and turning,with anticipation.The thought of a snackbecame infatuation.So I raced to the kitchen,Flung open the door,And gazed at the fridge,Full of goodies galore.I gobbled up turkey,And buttered potatoes,Pickles and carrots,Beans and tomatoes.I felt myself swelling,So plump and so round.‘til all of a sudden,I rose off the ground.I crashed through the ceiling,Floating into the sky,With a mouthful of pudding,And a handful of pie.But I managed to yellAs I soared past the treesHappy eating to all,Pass the cranberries, please!!May your stuffing be tastyMay your turkey be plump.May your potatoes and gravyHave nary a lump.May your yams be delicious,May your pies take the prizeAnd May your ThanksgivingdinnerStay off of your thighs!UNKNOWN“Thanksgiving Day is a jewel,to set in the hearts of honestmen; but be careful that you donot take the day, and leaveout the gratitude."E.P. POWELL“What were really talking aboutis a wonderful day set aside onthe fourth Thursday ofNovember when no one diets.I mean, why else would theycall it Thanksgiving?"ERMA BOMBECK“Give thanks for unknownblessings already on their way."NATIVE AMERICAN SAYING“Coexistence: what the farmerdoes with the turkey - untilThanksgiving."MIKE CONNOLLY“Thanksgiving is an emotionalholiday. People travel thousandsof miles to be with people theyonly see once a year. And thendiscover once a year is waytoo often."JOHNNY CARSON“Not what we say about ourblessings, but how we usethem, is the true measure ofour thanksgiving."W.T. PURKISER
  3. 3. BETTER BUSINESS PRACTICE5 Words to AvoidFailure:The words that people use every day determine whether they will achieve failureor success. There are five words that frequently show up in the conversation oflosers, much more so than in that of winners. Avoid these five "failure" words:Luck: Although its true that unforeseen events can affect outcomes, it wasnot luck that made the difference. It was the events. Luck had nothing to do withit. Believing in luck focuses your thoughts on an imaginary construct that neitheryou nor anybody else can change or affect. Whats worse, luck is an excuse thatexplains away failure ("It was just bad luck") and devalues your successes ("Itwas just good luck").Enemy: Its true that you have competitors, and that sometimes, foryou to win, they have to lose (and vice versa). Even so, there are no enemies inbusiness. Enemies are opponents in warfare, when people are killing oneanother. Business is about making things better, not killing people. The momentyou demonize competitors by calling them enemies, you close off your businessoptions. Todays competitors are often tomorrows partners.Rejection: Wouldnt it be nice if people always said yes to your ideas?Well, sometimes people arent going to like your ideas, or even you personally, forthat matter. You can pathologize such events by thinking of them as rejection, oryou can understand that what really happened was that the other persons desiresdidnt match yours. Rather than using a word that automatically makes youmiserable, concentrate on changing your approach or approaching somebody else.Hate: I cringe every time I hear somebody use this word in casualconversation. At work, its usually something like: "I hate my boss" or "I hate myjob." Hate is a sick word, and it creates sickness in your body. Every time you usethat word, you might as well be sticking a cancer cell in your body. Seriously. Imnot saying that youve got to be sweetness and lovey-dovey about everything,but why pollute your brain by actually hating anything or anybody?But: Im sure you know somebody who cant say anything about any idea,plan, or activity without crutching the sentence with the word but. Its alwayssomething like "Hey, thats a great idea, but..." or "I agree that we need to takeaction, but..." Its discouraging, and it kills momentum. Theres a substitute forbut that actually creates momentum: the word and. Try it next time a but isabout to emerge from your mouth.SOURCE: INC.COM
  4. 4. “Give thanks for unknown blessingsalready on their way."NATIVE AMERICAN SAYING2012 ARIZONAFRANCHISE MEETING SCHEDULEMeetings will be held on Fridaysfrom 12:30 pm – 3:00 pmDecember 14thTax preparationMeeting topics are subject tochange.We are open to anysuggestions on topics.2012 WASHINGTONFRANCHISE MEETING SCHEDULEMeetings will be held on selectFridays listed below from1:00 pm – 3:00 pmDecember 7thCarpet and Floor CareMeeting topics are subject tochange.We are open to anysuggestions on topics.**Business meetings inALL OTHER REGIONS will beannounced as planned. Watchyour mailbox for details.CongratulationsFirstWorksTMTRAINING GRADUATESTo the following graduate whosuccessfully completing the intense 10-dayFirstWorks training program.ARIZONARene MartinezArizonaDavid Symmonds – Since purchasing his franchise inDecember of 2011,David Symmonds has showntremendous growth. He is ambitious and eager to learn.David has recently taken on a new task – a railwaycompany! BNSF couldn’t be happier with his work. He isthorough and communicates well with the client as wellas with OpenWorks. Thank you David for all that you do!CaliforniaMichelle Arriaga – A member of the OpenWorksFranchise Community since July of 2011,Michelle wasinstrumental in a successful startup of 14 new BNSFlocations in San Bernardino.Michelle has learned whatit takes to grow her business and be successful!Congratulations,Michelle,on your new business growth!IllinoisDarnell Jackson – Darnell is one of our newestfranchisees in our newest region! Just a month agoDarnell started his first account – Jamaica Jerk Villa,notan easy account to keep clean. They are very happy withhis service. This week Darnell started cleaning his secondaccount,American Trust Corp,and after his first twonights,we met with client and he said the building looksgreat and to keep up the excellent work!!! This shows theexceptional service that Darnell will continue to bring toour accounts. Thanks for your dedication Darnell….keep it up!WashingtonFrancisco Javier Pena – Javier Pena has been a valuedmember of the OpenWorks team since 1998!Through nearlya decade and a half of hard work and dedication,we havewatched as Javier has developed his franchise into a strong,successful business! We recently had the opportunity towitness just how far Javier has come.Our customer,Navos,was singing his praises for the cleanliness of their facilityafter they received a 100% score on their latest auditperformed by an outside agency! Thank you Javier forbeing a fantastic example of what OpenWorks is made of!OPENWORKS SALUTES OURFranchisee ofthe MonthFranchiseReferral Program— Regional Contacts —ArizonaDon SpeckDonS@OpenWorksWeb.com602.772.3027CaliforniaBob HurdBobH@OpenWorksWeb.com562.428.9210,x402IllinoisJoe WenningerJoeW@OpenWorksWeb.com847-404-0764TexasDennis ReidDennisR@OpenWorksWeb.com214-260-3761,ext.153WashingtonTony OrsoTonyO@OpenWorksWeb.com425-827-0550,ext.305Please forward your comments,newsletter contributions,or suggestions to:Opening Doors Newsletter4742 North 24th StreetSuite 450Phoenix,AZ 85016fax:602.468.3788E-mail the editor:info@openworksweb.comwww.openworksfranchise.comThe program is very simple – just callthe Regional Director in your regionand give him/her your name and thename and phone number of theperson whom you are referring.If thereferral decides to purchase anOpenWorks franchise,then you make…First Referral = $ 750.00Second Referral = $1,000.00Third Referral = $1,250.00----------------------------------------------* referrals that result in a sale *