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Sigmah presentation @Open World Forum 2012 - Olivier Sarrat, Groupe URD


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Presentation from Olivier Sarrat, Groupe URD during the Foss for Humanity Track at the OWF 2012 in Paris - 23 oct.12

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Sigmah presentation @Open World Forum 2012 - Olivier Sarrat, Groupe URD

  1. 1. open source antidote trial tothe aid sector infoxication issue Olivier Sarrat
  2. 2. Episode 1The aid sector infoxication issue
  3. 3. Aid sector information sharing requirements:- internal information- information with donors- information for coordination- information with the sector in general…- information with the « beneficiaries »!
  4. 4. Infoxication leads to:- less time spend actually on the projects- lack of clear information organization implies poorsharing of lessons learnt- lesser quality
  5. 5. What could be done?
  6. 6. Episode 2The NGO adoption issue
  7. 7. August 2008 A group of NGOs gathers itselfto solve their internal infoxication issue
  8. 8. - NGOs are main bridge between internationalhumanitarian system and the beneficiaries- lack of time and infoxication leads to reluctanceto adopt additional tools- high turn-over rate leads to difficulty on adoption- lack of funds to be spend out of operationalprojects
  9. 9. What could be done?
  10. 10. Episode 3Sigmah pilote project, a new hope!
  11. 11. Sigmah Steering Cooperative
  12. 12. Groupe URD:• Evaluation, Research, Training & Organizational support• Created in 1993, staff of around 20 people• Offices in France (HQ), Chad, Haiti More information on
  13. 13. Flexible
  14. 14. Opportunity
  15. 15. Indicators management
  16. 16. June 2011Sigmah v1.0 is released
  17. 17. Episode 4Sigmah project, next steps
  18. 18. Open
  19. 19. Google Summer of Code 2012
  20. 20. Autumn 2012Release of Sigmah v1.2 & new adoptions
  21. 21. To be continued...
  22. 22. Do you have lessons to share with us? Do you have any questions? More on
  23. 23. Thanks !Presentation at OWF2012:open source antidote trial to Olivier Sarratthe aid sector infoxication issue