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OWF14 - Plenary Session : Louis-David Benyayer, Président, Without Model


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Openness is no longer restricted to the software industry and examples of open initiatives are numerous in Arts & Culture, Data, Manufacturing, Science or Education. Industries and contexts are specific but a question remains topical : which business models are relevant to sustain and scale opened initiatives ? Louis-David Benyayer will present the result of Open Models, a study led by Without Model of open business models in 6 industries.

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OWF14 - Plenary Session : Louis-David Benyayer, Président, Without Model

  1. 1. Open World Forum - October 30th Louis-David Benyayer @LDBenyayer
  2. 2. #Openmodels are efficient
  3. 3. Source : #Openmodels solve problems
  4. 4. Source : #Openmodels create new things
  5. 5. #Openmodels challenge incumbents
  6. 6. 6 industries
  7. 7. 53 contributors
  8. 8. 14 propositions
  9. 9. Pragmatic Activist Mapping the Open Models
  10. 10. Mapping the Open Models Why (share knowledge, solve a problem, increase perf.) What (design, software, place, process, …) Who (Public, partners, clients, ecosystem, suppliers, …) How (governance, tools, incentives …) To what extent (use, modify, copy, …) When (Design, go to market, continuously, …)
  11. 11. Contribution Hybrid Dual Licensing Open initiatives Diffusion Funding Platforms Costs Revenues Business models Open strategies
  12. 12. Contribution Use / modify Fondations Gifts € Open initiatives
  13. 13. Hybrid Use Products & services Cory doctorow € € Open initiatives
  14. 14. Dual Licensing Open Core / Closed Core Trey Ratcliffe Licences Freemiums € Use under conditions Open initiatives
  15. 15. Funding Commission Services Platforms
  16. 16. Diffusion Commission Ad Data Platforms
  17. 17. « platforms capture nearly all the value created by communities and individuals. » « Here’s the paradox : whereas peer to peer is more productive than hierarchy, the additional productivity is captured by a limited number of players who gained a central position. » Michel Bauwens 2013 Fair value sharing ? Source :
  18. 18. Open strategies Strengthen the core model or develop new activities Reduce design risks/ costs Mobilize clients in the value chain
  19. 19. What’s next
  20. 20. Currencies Seeds Health
  21. 21. Louis-David Benyayer @LDBenyayer