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OWF13 - Weio


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Published in: Technology
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OWF13 - Weio

  1. 1. Web of Things Platform Uros Petrevski & Drasko Draskovic
  2. 2. Want to make Internet of Things?
  3. 3. 2015 25 billion connected objects 2020 50 billion connected objects
  4. 4. but... How to innovate? How to create NéoObjects?
  6. 6. usages, poetry
  7. 7. Today we have one user friendly tool that comes from Italy ARDUINO is great to learn basics but...
  8. 8. We need versatile and friendly platform that can be easily connected with Web services or offer new ones. Connecting objects must be as easy as “hello world“
  9. 9. Today we have miniature and cheap computer coming from UK Raspberry Pi is great real computer but...
  10. 10. NéoObjects need dedicated interfaces and hardware. Computers are too generalist platform for them. Also, they need wireless connectivity.
  11. 11. How we are making NéoObjects today?
  12. 12. Think USAGE Think Object MAKE! but...
  13. 13. usages user app server linux invested time kernel hacking firmware electronics
  14. 14. Hey, do you know that firmware hacking, crosscompiling, and Linux patching are not for kids ;-)
  15. 15. but that’s long way to go... WHO WILL LEARN ALL OF THIS?
  16. 16. here we go!
  17. 17. We need new friendly and desirable interfaces that will connect Web directly to electronics. Thus people will think more USAGE than how to do something
  18. 18. Web language user app usages invested time electronics
  19. 19. We need new graphical environment that will offer possibility to make rich user applications and new graphical programming tools and...
  20. 20. must be zero installation, super easy configuration and cross platform (desktop & mobile) and...
  21. 21. ... we must be able to possess our development tools at any time...
  22. 22. And it must be Open Source!
  23. 23. ... and innovative USAGES will follow with beautiful interfaces once you have developed that environment
  24. 24. that environment is called Web.
  25. 25. What is
  26. 26. Prototype, produce and learn to make NéoObjects only using the language of the Web
  27. 27. How many of you know to make simple Web site?
  28. 28. How many of you know to program hardware?
  29. 29. All in one Plug & Web Web & Objects Wireless & Less wires
  30. 30. WeIO makes that each object has it’s own web site, more precisely has it’s own WebApp Finally programing connected objects means making WebApps for your objects
  31. 31. What we make with WeIO at
  32. 32. How WeIO programming environment looks like?
  33. 33. zeroconf & all tools are inside from all devices
  34. 34. easy wifi configuration
  35. 35. see who is connecting and when
  36. 36. Wait a little bit, what is THIS?
  37. 37. We are driving electronics directly from HTML/Javascript and from any device! and of course with Arduino compatible API
  38. 38. And you will be ready to program really rich web apps. WeIO natively supports jQuery, Bootstrap and ChartJS but you can add whatever you want as library but that’s not all...
  39. 39. Visualize in realtime what are you doing with inputs and outputs at each moment Visualize in realtime what is happening in OS and your program
  40. 40. What WYSIWYG is to press, WeIO is to programming connected objects
  41. 41. What if I want something that is standalone?
  42. 42. Well, do it in Python!
  43. 43. Future of programing microcontrolers is in interpreted languages
  44. 44. No more compiling, crosscompiling, lost months of setting up tools...
  45. 45. WeIO is NOT a toy!
  46. 46. Client Web App Code Editor Web Sockets User Standalone App Tornado Server Tornado Server OpenWrt Qualcomm/Atheros AR9331 LPC11Uxx
  47. 47. Create, create, innovate, innovate, learn learn!
  48. 48. is Open source and Open hardware project