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For several years, Open Source has proven it is good for IT. And thanks to Linux and Android, Open Source is everywhere in your environment from you mobile phone to your DVD recorder.

But the next frontier is to use Open Source in industries like Automotive or Aerospace. It is noticeable that those industries do not choose Open Source for cost reasons, but mainly to foster collaboration, innovation and to ensure durability. As such, large industry players design a new era for Open Source.

This presentation will highlight the key trends driving the adoption of Open Source by Industry, and how this adoption is supported by OSS foundations and consortiums.

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Oss good is for industry / Gael Blondelle

  1. 2. Gaël Blondelle – Obeo [email_address] Open Source for Industrial Users Summit Open Source is good for the industry
  2. 3. The next frontier for OSS Software <ul><li>Industry </li></ul>
  3. 4. Industry
  4. 5. OSS is an enabler OSS advantages <ul><li>Manage Intellectual Property issues
  5. 6. Open code and open formats enable </li><ul><li>Migration
  6. 7. Interoperability
  7. 8. Extensibility </li></ul><li>Lowers vendor lock-in
  8. 9. Share common platforms between tools vendors and industrial users </li></ul>
  9. 10. Innovation OSS Generic Features + Extensions = Innovative solution Better fits user needs
  10. 11. Collaboration <ul><li>Well defined Intellectual Property Rules
  11. 12. Cross domain fertilisation </li><ul><li>Leverage existing OSS software from other domains </li></ul><li>Share the platform
  12. 13. Focus on the added value </li></ul>Platform Added value Added value
  13. 14. Long term availability AIRBUS A300 Life Cycle Program began in 1972, production stopped in 2007 2007-1972 = 35 years... Support will last until 2050 2050-1972 = 78 years !! <ul><li>On board software development for very long lifecycle products </li></ul>
  14. 15. Sustainability <ul><li>Support for 10 years or more ? </li><ul><li>Proprietary software don't make it happen
  15. 16. OSS can ! </li></ul><li>OSS ecosystems like </li><ul><li>Eclipse Foundation
  16. 17. OPEES </li></ul><li>Act as a neutral third party </li><ul><li>Hosts infrastructure for Build, Test and Support </li></ul></ul>
  17. 18. OSS Communities for Industry OSS Community Business User Concerns
  18. 19. Trends <ul><li>Growing support for Open Source in Industry focused communities
  19. 20. Upcoming steps </li><ul><li>Tools
  20. 21. Middleware </li></ul><li>Medium term </li><ul><li>Open Hardware will be also in the industry </li></ul></ul>
  21. 22. Industrial Users Summit <ul><li>Industry Use cases </li><ul><li>Airbus, Alcatel, Ericsson, ST-Micro Electronics </li></ul><li>OSS Communities in Action for the Industry </li><ul><li>Eclipse, OPEES, Open ETCS, Open DO, Genivi, Ohanda </li></ul><li>Legal aspects </li><ul><li>Atos, Antelink, Blackduck, HP </li></ul></ul>Presentations will be available online on slideshare
  22. 23. Contact gael.blondelle@obeo.fr Joins us at OWF  next year ! First Open source for Industrial Users Summit