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We offer to discuss a use case of coding the cloud with Opa, together with Alain Keravel from HEC to present how Opa allowed to develop the SyGeO project, winner of the Web 2.0 Project Call of the French Ministry of Industry. A short outline of the solution: Building a web application or web service and run it in the cloud is a challenge. Complications stem from the complex stack of technologies required to implement the application code with an application server, a database, different frameworks, ORMs, etc. And securing the resulting application requires additional tools. And running in public or private clouds requires further additional software. The revolution? Opa. Opa is the only single technology that enables to build and run applications and webservices in the cloud. Opa automatically generates scalable, secure cloud applications that have no dependencies, as Opa includes every functionality from database to application server in a single tier. Building applications in Opa is easy, and running in the cloud simpler than ever.

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Cloud / SYGEO Case Study - Alain Keravel, HEC

  1. 1. SyGeO Project« From new language to application »How to find the way ?<br />MLSTATE – Mai 2010 - juillet 2011<br />EOLE laboratory (HEC) + CERTOP (CNRS)+ ENIT + Scan&Target<br />Speakers M. BAUDET (Mlstate) – A. KERAVEL (HEC)<br />
  2. 2. Project environment<br />A joint project between MLstate (language OPA owner) and academic searchers funded by a French public body (DGCIS)<br />HEC and CERTOP searchers <br />Starting from the language characteristics find <br />A strategic positioning, <br />Study the potential markets, <br />Propose various strategies<br />MLstate<br />Develop a library of macro and plug in <br />social network in a cloud environment<br />Demonstrators linked with the choices proposed by the academics<br />Implementation of business models linked with the strategies proposed<br />
  3. 3. Value Proposition<br />OPA Technology<br />Functional language and data storage integrated<br />Compact code<br />Easy code control<br />Simplicity and fast development <br />Easy deployment<br />unblocking<br />Strong links between data and code<br />Security<br />Web applications Cloud oriented<br />Scalability<br />SyGéO Extensions <br />Web 2.0 : forum, wiki, blog, … available in the OPA library<br />Request of a market target to show the value added<br />Facilities to develop Business Processes applications<br />UML, BPEL, BPMN, XPDL, <br />Request of a market target to show the value added by the business process.<br />
  4. 4. SYGEO Project <br />Develop an Ecosystem around the language OPA<br />For what kind of target ?<br />For what kind of applications market (job, sector) ?<br />Providing value to who? with what kind of Business Model ?<br />
  5. 5. Target question<br />
  6. 6. Market question<br />
  7. 7. 1stSygeo achievement <br />E- Tourism <br />“Jetleague” demonstrator <br />
  8. 8. Business Models (1)<br />A SAAS dedicated to Turismprofessional applications<br /> <br />Value proposition<br />A Software as a Service (SaaS) dedicated to the tourism professionals<br />Customer<br />segments<br /><ul><li>travel agencies,
  9. 9. enterprises,
  10. 10. public tourism information services,
  11. 11. etc.</li></ul>Customer<br />Relationships<br />CR<br />Key Partnership<br />A leader providing<br />services for<br />tourismsector<br />worldwide<br />Key<br />Activities<br />KA<br />Channels<br />CH<br />Key<br />Resources<br />KR<br />Cost Structure – C$<br />Revenue Streams<br />Subscription / users / year<br />
  12. 12. Business Models (2)<br />A PAAS dedicated to the turism business stakeholders<br /> <br />Value<br />Proposition<br />PaaS<br />Offering services (SRM) to a very large number of stakeholders<br />locally in competition <br />Customer<br />Segments<br /><ul><li>Hostels
  13. 13. B&B
  14. 14. Local bus
  15. 15. Rental services
  16. 16. Etc.</li></ul>Customer<br />Relationships<br />CR<br />Key<br />Partnerships<br /><ul><li>Customers association
  17. 17. Public body</li></ul>Key<br />Activities<br />KA<br />Channels<br />CH<br />Key<br />Resources<br />KR<br />Cost Structure – C$<br />Revenue Streams – R$<br />Double sided model<br />
  18. 18. Business Models (3)<br />Niche strategydedicated to help touristdream<br /> <br />Value<br />Proposition<br />Applications to build a touristicprojectwith exchangefacilities<br />Customer<br />Segments<br />A tourist or a group of tourists<br />Customer<br />Relationships<br />CR<br />Key<br />Partnerships<br />Atourist information editor<br />Key<br />Activities<br />KA<br />Channels<br />CH<br />Key<br />Resources<br />KR<br />Cost Structure – C$<br />Revenue Streams – R$<br />License and support<br />