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OSS Presentation Arista

  1. 1. Building Profitable Public Clouds**quite applicable to many private and hybrid clouds too!
  2. 2. Amazon Web Services: • Zero to $500M/yr in 4 years; • ~ 100% y/y growth • Feature releases doubling every year; • 400 employees (300 dev; 100 ops) • 80,000 physical servers • >600,000 virtual machines • Only 2 hardware vendors • <10 hardware configurations • 10 price reductions in 18 months (including free tier)AWS features doubling every year. Amazon.com (e-tailer)43 releases in 2009. • Sold >$1B in goods on mobile devices in 2008/2009
  3. 3. • >620M users• +51%Y/Y growth• >60,000 servers• 550K+ apps• 500MM+ downloads• Over half of all mobile web pages are Facebook pages• Partnership with Skype means that Telcos have a new voice and messaging competitor
  4. 4. • New $500M data center• 700,000+ square feet• 112 containers• 224,000 servers• Runs with 45 people
  5. 5. Delivering for the Cloud Service Provider
  6. 6. Lesson: Cloud computing is a major disruptionborn from internet, (not enterprise), companies 1960 1980 Disruption 2000 2020
  7. 7. Lesson: Scale changes everything
  8. 8. Lesson: Scale requires new design patterns Commodity hardware Open source software APIs for programmatic access Simple systems Horizontal scaling Automation Multi-tenancy
  9. 9. Lesson: To achieve scale build something completely newPersonal Powerlowest efficiency Building Backup Utility Power Plant 4x more efficient 40x more efficientSMB Computing worst TCO Enterprise IT Google Data Center 4x more efficient 40x more efficient
  10. 10. Lesson: Cloud is not enterprise Enterprise Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure Serves <500,000 employees Serves hundreds of millions of users Expensive to build and scale 10x-40x more cost effective Single-tenant Multi-tenanted No API API to allow for programmatic access Manual management Automated management Manual provisioning Self-service provisioning 1 Admin: 50-100 servers 1 Admin: 1000-3000 servers Hundreds of hardware configs 1-5 hardware configs for 100K servers Designed to be “highly available” Assumes component failure, fault-tolerant Enterprise “HA” h/w Inexpensive, reliable commodity h/w Proprietary lock-in Maximum open source for less lock-in Complex “vertical” stacks Simple “horizontally scaleable” services Risk mitigation Risk acceptance Must pre-build for peak usage Built to flex with usageGreat for steady state usage curves Great for elastic usage curves Scale with bigger CPUs Scale by adding more CPUs Design>Build>Dev>Operate DevOps = one discipline
  11. 11. Cloud Provider Case Study
  12. 12. Case study of a successful conversion from service provider to CSP
  13. 13. KT decided to build 3 different clouds to achieve all of its goalsPrivate Cloud Mobile Cloud Public CloudWith these three clouds, KT intended to:• Move 70% of internal IT to the cloud within its first operation• Provide a low-cost platform for mobile-application deployment• Provide public computing services at or below AWS pricing
  14. 14. KT chose to build their cloud like the realcloud competitors rather than follow the enterprise IT path
  15. 15. The result of this partnership exceeded all expectationsCapEx Reduction Time to Provision •3 clouds launched in less than (5x) (50x) a year •They outperform Amazon, GoGrid, Rackspace* •Public compute service is priced 18% lower than AWS** •Capex spend decreased by 79% •Provisioning time was improved 50x
  16. 16. Choose partners who have built largeclouds and who know the telecom market
  17. 17. Cloud Networking Buildouts with Arista
  18. 18. In Cloud IT is a Weapon Every choice directly affects service profitability •Return on invested capital •Operating Expenses versus annuity revenue streams •Power utilization efficiency defines max scale •Automation reduces HR costs and improves SLA adherence
  19. 19. CAPEX Based Market Pricing $402/Month vBlock2 50% Margin $201/Month vBlock2 Breakeven $64/Month Amazon VM ECU It is impossible to build a $50/Month Arista/OS 50% Marginprofitable cloud with legacy $25/Month Arista/OS Breakeven enterprise technologies
  20. 20. Power Density = Profit Ceiling Arista Network - 2.5% Everything you do after this Cisco Network - 17% reduces the maximum3MW Data Center server capacity, thus profitability 5000 Dual Socket Intel Westmere 4874 Dual@ 20 VMs per Server Servers Socket Intel Westmere Servers @ 20 VMs per Server 4125 Dual Socket Intel Westmere Choosing Arista, even with Servers @ 20 VMs per Server $5M/Month Revenue commodity compute and $4.874M/Month Revenue storage increases revenue $4.125M/Month Revenue potential by $8.98M/year
  21. 21. Arista Solutions - Cloud Starter Kit ‣ The 7124SX provides cost-effective 10GbE connectivity, at a density perfect for the 2RU servers Server 1 ‣ Because of the low density of this deployment servers are dual homed so Cloud Mgmt no single-point-of-failure can impact the entire cluster - this model is preserved until less than 20% of the capacity is lost on any switch outage Server 2 ‣ The 7124SX brings LANZ capability - so administrators can gain a comfort level with the data flows, and see if congestion is impacting cluster performance ‣ Scaling up to 20 Servers per cabinet maximizes network utilization and is environmentally feasible in most 42U cabinets Server 20
  22. 22. Arista Solutions - Scaling Out‣ The 7050 is introduced as a spine switch - this design scales to 15 dual-homed cabinets.‣ After 5 cabinets moving all cabinets except the Cloud Mgmt cabinet to single-homed increases the density of this design to 580 Servers (560 single-homed, 20 dual-homed) Server 1 Server 1 Server 1 Cloud Mgmt Server 2 Server 2 Server 2 Server 20 Server 20 Server 20
  23. 23. Arista Solutions - Continued Scaling Density Server 1 Server 1 Server 1 Mgmt Node Server 2 Server 2 Server 2 Server 20 Server 48 Server 48
  24. 24. Arista Cloud Networking
  25. 25. We network all varieties of cloud Community CloudPrivate Cloud Mobile CloudPublic Cloud Hybrid Cloud
  26. 26. and optimize the network for cloud providers Automated Extensible/Customizable Scaled Management Multi-Tenancy Power/Environmental CapEx Optimized Hyper-Scale
  27. 27. Arista Cloud Networking Public Cloud Architecture - Key FeaturesArista EOS delivers key features necessary forbuilding scalable and profitable public cloud offeringsCloudVision - Management at Scale with commonopen-standard /open-source message busZero-Touch Provisioning - Fully automated deploymentbased on HTTP that can auto-deploy switches andservers in minutesLANZ Latency and Congestion Monitoring - for highperformance cloud offerings actively monitor andpublish latency as a key performance indicatorMulti-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) - active-activeuplinks and loop-free topologies. Use every link youpay for to maximize performance and uptimeMLAG-ISSU - hitless upgrades from one version ofEOS to the next in MLAG topologies. Keep softwarecurrent and secure without impacting service levels.
  28. 28. Arista Networks: Cloud Portfolio 7500 7100SX Lossless, High 7048 7050 Density, Modular Ultra Low Switching System 48-port Data 52/64 Port 10Gb Latency 24 Port supporting up to Center Class Ethernet for Cloud 1/10Gb SFP+ 384 WirespeedGigabit Ethernet Leaf and Spine Leaf Switches 10Gb Ports Switch
  29. 29. Seize the Cloud Opportunity