Going Forward - Restoration Authority funding possibilities


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Sam Schuchat's presentation at the March 21, 2013 Gathering of the Open Space Council.

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  • The Authority was created by the California Legislature in 2008 with the enactment of AB 2954 (Lieber). Save San Francisco Bay Association (Save The Bay) was key to envisioning and shepherding the creation of the Authority. It continues to work closely with the Authority to realize its potential. A seven-member board appointed by the Association of Bay Area Governments governs the Authority.
  • Going Forward - Restoration Authority funding possibilities

    1. 1. The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority is aregional government agency charged with raising andallocating resources for wetland restoration, floodcontrol, and trails along the San Francisco Bayshoreline.
    2. 2. BoardChairSamuel Schuchat, Executive Officer, State Coastal ConservancyWest BayDavid PineEast BayJohn Gioia, Supervisor, County of Contra CostaNorth BayKeith Caldwell, Supervisor, County of NapaSouth BayRosanne Foust, Councilmember, City of Redwood CityBayside City/CountyDave Cortese, Supervisor, County of Santa ClaraBayside City/Park DistrictJohn Sutter, Board of Directors, East Bay Regional Parks District
    3. 3. • The Authority has no funding, but has the ability to raise money from local sources, such as a region-wide parcel tax or a special assessment. All of the Authority’s efforts are devoted to developing a local funding source to use for wetland restoration, flood control and trails along the Bay shoreline.
    4. 4. • Staff is supplied gratis by ABAG and the Coastal Conservancy. The Hewlett Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation have provided grants to ABAG for polling and professional advice for the Authority.• Per AB 2954, the Board appointed and consults with an Advisory Committee. The first appointments were made in 2009 and the most recent additions were made in November 2012.
    5. 5. • The Authority has conducted two voter surveys and a pair of focus groups. A tracking poll is scheduled for this summer.• Key findings of the August 2010 poll: • Voters continue to place enormous value on the Bay, but are highly concerned about the condition of the economy. • While a regional sales tax did not appear likely to reach two-thirds supermajority support, a parcel tax had the potential to do so under the following conditions: Keep the per-household cost under $25 Target a high turnout election like Nov. 2012 Detail specific benefits for water quality and wildlife Prepare for election with strong public education
    6. 6. • Key findings of the July 2011 poll: • Concerns about the economy, unemployment, and the State budget deficit had increased dramatically since the August 2010 poll, while other priorities, including environmental restoration, had shrunk. • A $10 Bay restoration measure fell short of two-thirds support among voters in the nine-county Bay Area. Support in the Bayside cities was slightly higher, but still below a supermajority. • Messages in favor of a measure do resonate, particularly the prospect of cleaning up trash and toxics for a few dollars a year. • While support for a measure did not quite reach two- thirds, the hesitancy is likely due to economic conditions, not lack of willingness to support the projects.
    7. 7. • Outstanding ballot measure issues include: • Should the measure be put before voters in the entirety of all nine counties? • Where will the measure appear on each county ballot and will ballot language be the same in all counties? • Under what circumstances would counties charge less than the estimated worst-case $5-7 million total for election costs?• Other issues include: • What State and local revenue measures will appear on Bay Area ballots in November 2014? • Can adequate funding be raised to pay for election costs? • Can allies raise adequate campaign funding?