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Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs)


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Priority Conservation Workshop

Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs)

- Laura Thompson, Bay Trail Project Manager, Association of Bay Area Governments
- Adam Garcia, Planning and Research Manager, Greenbelt Alliance

This presentation was given during a workshop at the Bay Area Greenprint Launch Event on June 21, 2017 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA. More info on the Bay Area Open Space Council's blog:

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Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs)

  1. 1. Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) Laura Thompson Bay Trail Project Manager Association of Bay Area Governments Adam Garcia Planning and Research Manager Greenbelt Alliance
  2. 2. Agenda 1. PCA Update: Laura Thompson, Overall Program Manager for Priority Conservation Areas, Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) 2. Connecting Greenprint values and benefits to PCA application criteria 3. Using the tool to evaluate a Priority Conservation Area for a potential project 4. Questions and discussion
  3. 3. Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) PCAs are designated areas of open space that provide agricultural, natural resource, scenic, recreational or urban greening benefits to communities as part of the region’s sustainable communities strategy. ● Component of Plan Bay Area ● 165 adopted PCAs ● Four primary functions: Natural Landscapes, Agricultural Lands, Urban Greening and Regional Recreation ● PCAs support multiple benefits
  4. 4. Priority Conservation Area Funding Projects located within the boundaries of adopted PCAs are eligible for funding through the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) program. ● North Bay Program / Peninsula, South Bay & East Bay Program ● OBAG 1 (2013): 23 projects funded for a total of $11.95 million ● OBAG 2 (2017): North Bay programs underway. ○ Tentative Details for Peninsula, South Bay & East Bay Program ■ Up to $10 million ■ October 2017 call for projects + workshops, November letters of interest due ■ PCA screening process still being developed, Greenprint tool helpful
  5. 5. PCA Eligible Projects ● Planning activities ○ Ex: Twin Peaks Connectivity Conceptual Plan (San Francisco) ● Pedestrian and bicycle facilities and infrastructure ○ Ex: Sunny Hill Ridge and Red Hill Trails (Marin County) ● Visual enhancements ○ Ex: Bodega Highway Roadway Preservation (Sonoma County) ● Habitat/environmental enhancements ○ Ex: Pinole Fish Passage (Contra Costa County) ● Protection or enhancement of natural resources, open space, or agricultural lands ○ Ex: Office of Education Loma Mar Aquisition (San Mateo County)
  6. 6. PCA Designation Greenprint Values and Benefits Natural Landscapes Biodiversity Prioritized Habitats Habitat Connectivity Species and Habitat Mitigation Water Resources Water Yield Water Quality Water Hazard Risk Reduction Carbon Stock Agricultural Lands Food Production Regional Recreation Recreation Urban Greening Potential Phase II Updates PCA Designations and Greenprint Values and Benefits
  7. 7. Connecting Greenprint Data to PCA Criteria Designation PCA Benefit Criteria Map Layer Natural Landscapes Terrestrial ecosystems Protects land within Conservation Lands Network Conservation Lands Network Aquatic ecosystems Protects wetlands identified in Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Baylands Water supply and quality Protect urban water supply: reservoir catchment areas Reservoir Catchment Areas Agricultural Lands Agricultural resources Preserves land important for farming Agricultural Land Regional Recreation Recreation Proposed regional trails Regional Trails - Proposed Climate and Resilience Protect and/or increase areas with carbon storage potential Aboveground Carbon Storage
  8. 8. Designation PCA Benefit Criteria Map Layer Natural Landscapes Terrestrial ecosystems Protects land within Conservation Lands Network Conservation Lands Network Using Greenprint Data to Meet PCA Criteria
  9. 9. Questions?