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Maps and Apps - Nerds for Nature


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On 9/12/13 we held our Fall Gathering entitled Maps & Apps, Tools & Tips. Learn more about the event here: and #mapsapps13

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Maps and Apps - Nerds for Nature

  1. 1. Who (or what) is a Nerd for Nature?
  2. 2. It’s ok to be nerdy!
  3. 3. moth nerd / bird nerd / spider nerd / land nerd / water nerd / conservation nerd / easement nerd / trails nerd / wildlife nerd / air & water quality nerd / food justice nerd / etc… Take nature nerds…
  4. 4. . . .add tech/design/mapping nerds. . . coding nerd / design nerd / hardware nerd / sensor nerd / data nerd / mapping nerd / app nerd / data visualization nerd / etc…
  5. 5. Nature Nerds! Tech & Design Nerds!
  6. 6. How do we do it? … and what do we do?
  7. 7. Meet the organizers:
  8. 8. What people want to have/do/make…
  9. 9. What we’ve done so far: BioBlitz ! at McLaren Park Fort Funston Laurelwood Park with partners Cal Academy of Sciences iNaturalist others…
  10. 10. What we’ve done so far:
  11. 11. Air Sensor Workshops with partners at UC Berkeley …also mapping workshops with Stamen Design, visualizing water rights, Nerds for Nature at SXSW Eco… What we have coming up:
  12. 12. Nerds for Nature friends & allies Marine Mammal Center Sierra Club Bay Area Audubon Society & Sequoia Audubon Code for America Save McLaren Park City of San Francisco City of Oakland Open Antarctica Oakland ReLeaf Resource Renewal Institute Stamen Design iNaturalist Wild Equity Institute National Parks Conservation Association Tatzoo Oakland Museum of CA Pollinator Posse Creative Action Network EcoHack SF New CA Water Atlas SudoRoom DIY Bio TechLiminal OpenShift/ Red Hat Cal Academy of Sciences + more…
  13. 13. What’s the big idea? Connect and Amplify
  14. 14. … or the really, really big idea
  15. 15. Contact us and let’s work together! Twitter @Nerds4Nature Online: email: or Next event: Sept 17 Project Team Meet/ Do/ Create!