Lessons Learned - Measure B in Santa Clara Co in November 2012


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Rick Callendar from Santa Clara Valley Water District and Jared Boigon from TBWB shared their learnings from Measure B in Santa Clara County in November 2012.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/18/13 19:17) -----
  • Lessons Learned - Measure B in Santa Clara Co in November 2012

    1. 1. Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Bay Area Open Space Council Presentation Thursday, March 21, 2013
    2. 2. Background on Measure B: Clean, Safe Creeks 2000• Eight variable rate categories: SFR $39 + CPI inflation factor• 67% voter approval• No funding for water supply or drinking water quality• Expiring in 2015• Needed to expand program to include water supply, water quality projects R
    3. 3. Polling & Focus Group• Started early due to complex political environment• 2010 surveys discouraging• 2011 & ‘12 surveys pointed to Presidential election• Ballot language VERY important• Tax reduction vs. straight renewal (include CPI)• Voters of color: potential strong support• Rely on polling to stay on course for 2012 J
    4. 4. Informational Efforts to Engage Public• Strong Community Organizing Effort – 16,000 residents weighed in – Paid phone canvass; cross “digital divide”• Website/social media presence: web survey, collect emails• Blue Ribbon Task Force: cross section of community leaders• Online polling throughout• Board Buy-in Key 2011 Safe Clean Water Blue Ribbon Forum R
    5. 5. Informational Efforts to Educate PublicActive web site updated weekly Blue Ribbon Forum Input Resulted in “Community Recommended Plan” presented to the Board of Directors R
    6. 6. Safe, Clean Water: Measure B Campaign• Obstacles: lawsuits, Board election distractions, potential media coverage J
    7. 7. Safe, Clean Water: Measure B CampaignSocial media, poll analysis strengthened resolve of keysupporters – Safe Clean Water Facebook – Ad campaign(s) • 272 “Likes” • Campaign reach (people • Approximately 62% were aged who viewed ads) between 25-54 10/10-11/6/12 was 137,022 • Almost 60% were women • Facebook page clicks garnered between 10/10- • Weekly, 117,134 people would 11/16/12 was 403 view content associated with the Facebook page J
    8. 8. Safe, Clean Water: Measure B CampaignSafe, Clean Water for Santa Clara Valley @SafeWaterSCV J
    9. 9. Safe, Clean Water: Measure B Campaign• Broad coalition, key endorsements, District leadership earned Mercury News endorsement R
    10. 10. Safe, Clean Water: Measure B Campaign• Grassroots outreach to voters of color• Late fundraising allowed some mail, radio ads, robo calls J
    11. 11. Lessons Learned• Start early with a strong team, develop detailed program descriptions, engage and educate community, recruit key supporters from target groups, ensure your Board supports• Think creatively about social media, dig deep into your voter research