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2017 Open Space Conference - Climate Resilient Landscapes: Moving to Action


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- Tom Robinson, Director of Conservation, Science, and Innovation, Bay Area Open Space Council
- Robin Grossinger, Program Director and Senior Scientist, San Francisco Estuary Institute & The Aquatic Science Center
- Nicole Heller, Director of Conservation Science, Peninsula Open Space Trust
- Matt Gerhart. Program Manager, San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program, California Coastal Conservancy

These panelists spoke at the 2017 Open Space Conference, Eyes on the Horizon, Boots on the Trail on May 18, 2017 at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA. More info on the Bay Area Open Space Council's website:

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2017 Open Space Conference - Climate Resilient Landscapes: Moving to Action

  1. 1. MovingTo Action Climate Resilient Landscapes: Robin Grossinger Nicole Heller Matt Gerhart
  2. 2. BUILDING LANDSCAPE RESILIENCE Robin Grossinger Co-Director, Resilient Landscapes Program San Francisco Estuary Institute BAOSC Annual Conference May 18, 2017
  3. 3. Resilience = Resilience = over-used jargon Resilience = anything we want OR Resilience = really important! self-help buzzword
  4. 4. “We need to demushify resilience.” Richard Hobbs
  5. 5. (SFEI in prep)
  6. 6. (SFEI in prep)
  7. 7. ResilienceHabitatsRestoring
  8. 8. LandscapeResilienceRestoring
  9. 9. An ecologically resilient landscape… • Supports biodiversity and the ecological functions that sustain it over time • Can persist, recover, and adapt in the face of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors
  10. 10. (SFEI in prep)
  11. 11. (SFEI in prep)
  12. 12. Landscape Resilience Framework Beller E, Spotswood E, Robinson A, Anderson M, Grenier L, Grossinger R, Higgs E, Hobbs R, Suding K, Zavaleta E. in prep.
  13. 13. Landscape Resilience Framework: re-oaking • Ensure oaks are in sufficient proximity for gene flow • Maintain diverse age structure, spacing, and understory • Emphasize valley oak because greatest historical and projected decline • Create additional oak populations in a variety of settings • Leverage urban landscape for broad habitat restoration, including medians, campuses, backyards, plazas, and parks • Establish groves of 20+ trees within several hectares Goal = Prioritize oak community restoration in areas with appropriate soil types and groundwater levels likely to be sustained over time • Actively manage oak communities to maintain diverse age structure, spacing, and understory
  14. 14. Restoring Landscape Resilience • A shift or expansion of our focus • Science is available to support • Need strong, broad coalitions to implement • Time is now
  15. 15. Ecosystems are part of the foundation of regional resilience
  16. 16. THANK YOU
  17. 17. MovingTo Action Climate Resilient Landscapes: Nicole Heller
  18. 18. Visible Benefits
  19. 19. H2O H2O CO2 CO2 O2 O2 Air Quality Photosynthesis Carbon capture Water filtration and storage Biodiversity Pollination Seed dispersal Invisible Benefits H2O
  20. 20. Resilience Natural lands abundance and diversity Ecosystem processes
  21. 21. Conservation Lands Network is climate smart ~ it protects climate space Heller et al. 2015, Ecosphere Captured in CLN Available climate space
  22. 22. AND new conservation activities • Holistic landscape ~ urban investments • Connectivity • Novel conservation partnerships • Increased stewardship and monitoring
  23. 23. Critical linkages to create climate stability and provide migration pathway – through urban zone San Jose Gilroy
  24. 24. MovingTo Action Climate Resilient Landscapes: Matt Gerhart
  25. 25. Jitze Couperus
  26. 26. Shira Bezalel
  27. 27. Banksy: Duncan Hill
  28. 28. Sonoma Land Trust
  29. 29. Sonoma Land Trust
  30. 30. Phil King
  31. 31. City of San Jose