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2013 Open Space Conference - Linkages Panel


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Just one of the presentations from the 2013 Open Space Conference on May 16 at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio of San Francisco. More information about the day can be found here:

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2013 Open Space Conference - Linkages Panel

  1. 1. Maintaining andrestoring critical wildlifelinkages in the BayAreaThe Bay Area Open Space Council conference on “Collective Impact.”May 16, 2013
  2. 2. Connectivity is the main takeaway from25 years of conservation biology
  3. 3. Roads and other human impacts make“islands” out of natural areas
  4. 4. Wildlife needs movement for nature to persist;as the climate changes, plants and animalsneed to get where they are going.
  5. 5. Mammals 21Birds 13Amphibians 6Reptiles 5Fish 4Invertebrates 2Plants 1566 Focal Species Selected
  6. 6. Least-Cost Corridor AnalysisGoal: Define area with lowest relative cost of travel for focalspecies between protected core areasWalker and Craighead 1997Craighead et al. 2001Singleton et al. 2002
  7. 7. Network of Least-Cost Corridors showing species overlap
  8. 8. Identification of Key Riparian Corridors
  9. 9. Potential Habitat & Patch Size for Mountain Lion
  10. 10. Blue Ridge-Marin Coast Linkage where Wendy is Working
  11. 11. Santa Cruz-Gabilan Linkage where Kirk is working
  12. 12. Santa Cruz Puma Project Mountian Lion GPS Collar LocationResults
  13. 13. Map illustrating the top 0.5% least-cost corridors crossing Highway17Wilmers et al. 2013
  14. 14. Map Illustrating Highway 17 Connectivity Design SchematicClear debrisRetrofitRetrofitProposed directional fencing tocrossing structures
  15. 15. OR-7 shows us corridors of protectionwork!