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Maps and Apps - Transit & Trails


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On 9/12/13 we held our Fall Gathering entitled Maps & Apps, Tools & Tips. Learn more about the event here: and #mapsapps13

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Maps and Apps - Transit & Trails

  1. 1. Let's start with WHY Getting people outside on trails and in parks.
  2. 2. Places like this... Thanks Bay Area Open Space Community! So, HOW do we make this happen?
  3. 3. Help people find, plan and share amazing experiences! OK, but WHAT is it?
  4. 4. A website and a mobile application Great, there are a lot of those, what else?
  5. 5. A technology platform for publishing outdoor content. Built for Park, Trail and Outdoor groups.
  6. 6. A platform that enables our community to.... have access to better tools for authoring outdoor content.
  7. 7. Which results in..... ...better outdoor content for all.
  8. 8. The platform enables us to distribute a library of widgets and API. But good content, a nice app and website isn't enough!
  9. 9. How about getting to the park or trail? To make our partner's website and mobile applications better!
  10. 10. Better trip planning tools to make sure people can get to parks. Directly to the trailhead via Transit, Rideshare and other modes.
  11. 11. An integrated experience.... The Trip Planner widget right on your site.
  12. 12. Don't take our word for it. Amazing organizations love using Transit & Trails
  13. 13. A specific example – Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation. Seeing is believing, right?
  14. 14. They want to show their parks, trails, trailheads, campgrounds In an interactive map....
  15. 15. Oh, and more details, like the trail alignment, amenities. And of course...
  16. 16. Beautiful photos And...
  17. 17. How to get there – Trip Planner All this and more on their website
  18. 18. Their new site is coming... And will provide in improved experience for their visitors.
  19. 19. This is what it's all about! Let's make this happen for everyone!