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Open source newsletter 01


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Open Source Newsletter from LGMA

Published in: Technology
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Open source newsletter 01

  1. 1. Open Source in the LGMAIssue 01 ISSUE Quarterly 01 February JOURNAL OF Research and Architecture Open Source in LGMA 2011 Open Source Survey A survey of LAs attitudes carried out in late 2009 showed that LAs recognised the benefits of OS. Over 50% quoted cost reduction and vendor independence, the three main concerns were support, in-house skills and the management of the change process to OS. As part of the OS initiative we plan to address these concerns through the establishment of an OS commu- nity in the local government sector through which experience can be shared and support given. Anyone in this issue Training on your organisation who would like to become involved with this initiative should email their details to LA Open Source Open Source Opportunities P.1 Open Source Forum January Open Source Forum P.1 with the IPA In order to help focus the OS project on the areas of most interest to LAs we would appreciate it if you 25th could take the time to complete a short follow up survey. This will enable us to establish the products and services you feel would be of most benefit to your organisation. The OS survey is provided online at:- IT Management Tips P.2 The IPA has implemented a 16 Local Authorities attended a very very successful training pilot interesting and constructive day at our Focus on the Tools P.3 th on Open Office in Limerick first OS Forum on January 25 . We Training and Familiarisation P.4 heard from a whole generation of City. To date 60 staff have Software Providers and Govern- completed the training. Gerry Perceived Benefits ment colleagues on how to harness Grogan in the IPA would be the power of Open Source, while Exploring open source software opportunities. very interested to hear from mitigating the risks of change. Presentations from Mihai Bilauca - Open Source has been around for as long as opportunity for stability. There is no Vendor other local authorities who computers have been in use. Where people inducement to upgrade after certain periods Limerick City, Mel McIntyre - Open might be considering running a shared or distributed their software, solutions or versions have become end of life. Typical- App, Richard Martin – Tascomi, Liam and expertise. In past times sharing was usu- ly Open Source software conforms very similar program for staff. Stewart - OPW and Fergus ORourke ally localized, due to geographic constraints. closely to international, primarily Open – Meath Co. Co. demonstrated the standards. These standards tend to change variety of OS product available and With the rise of the Internet – Open Source very slowly and the freedom for interchange- how these are being utilised by local Software (OSS) has become a standard ability is paramount and the real “free” in authorities and the public sector. phrase used to describe the practice of shar- open source – the freedom of choice. Upcoming Events The current suite of products in place ing code. More importantly the ubiquitous internet has facilitated distributed communi- This cannot be said of most propitiatory soft- April 12th, Cork in LA‘s will reach end of life over the ties sharing their software with more diverse ware. Software flexibility is related to busi- next 2 to 4 years. Participants felt the On April 12th we will be run- end users. As a result the open source com- ness flexibility and prudent use and adoption evaluation of alternatives should begin ning our next Open Source munities have been established. Interestingly, of standards. Namely, if the business require- as soon as possible to facilitate an Perceived Issues though, successful OSS projects are not cre- ments change, then the solutions should not Workshop, in the Council informed choice at time of replace- ated by releasing free source code – they are be unreasonably constrained by software. ment. Pilot projects in local authorities created through the growth of communities Open Source projects do not typically at- Chamber, County Hall, Cork. to examine OS products suitability and of shared interest. tempt this lock-in strategy as in most cases The emphasis of the next scalability were suggested. there is no commercial benefit. event will be based on the Community development and community Based on the feedback from the par- experiences in the deployment adoption has led to the success of Open All open source software is written as loosely ticipants IT products in LA‘s broadly Source around the world, with many com- coupled architectures. With the development of Open Source, and the legal- fall into 4 main categories:- Office mon Open Source Solutions benefitting from teams being distributed they still manage to Productivity, CMS, Infrastructure and ities and licensing issues relat- world wide development and support. develop and evolve a community spirit that GIS. maintains common interests and codebases. ed to the use and deployment To follow up we suggest 4 streams of The Local Government Sector is such a com- The loose coupling occurs at two levels, the of Open Source. interested parties to work together to munity and intelligent use of Open Source teams of developers are working in isolation appraise OS solution in each of the can offer huge benefits. There are many dif- from each other, yet aware and open to com- ferent functions that Local Government carry munity goals within the development. They categories. If you would like to be out that could hugely benefit from Open also make their product-sets loosely coupled involved in a particular stream or have Source software. so the main quality of open source, choice, any suggestions please email RhodaRes earc h & Arc hitec tu re can be the end users, they can plug in one at rkerins@lgma.iein the LG MA LGMA Open Source Software offers Local Govern- component, use it, and change it, upgrade it Links to presentation on the day can Phoenix House ment mitigation against vendor-push and and they know that it will still work with be found at Dublin 8 pressure to conform to the latest vendor other components as long as they stick to the opensource/ adopted lock-in standards. This offers us the open standards between the loose couples. Res earc h &Arc hitec tu re
  2. 2. Procurement to In-clude Open Source Ubuntu Wins What Products areOn 7 January 2011, the US Gov- out there for my LGCSB Testingernment issued a memoranduminstructing its information tech- Organisation. In our usage, functionality and technical trials Ubuntu 10.04nology procurers not to discrimi- This isnt an exhaustive list, but (LS) was the preferred desk-nate on the basis of whether top OS. Ubuntu 10.04 (LS) issoftware is proprietary, open it is a great start and can be the most stable, supportedsource or mixed source, but to added to by all registered au- OS and worked most easilybase their purchasing choices thors. Open Source GIS on our wide range of test andsoley on the merits of the prod- development hardware. Theucts. In the last few years there has As well as the development of greSQL object-relational data- Here is a list of Products, primarily from Microsoft with Open runners up were Fedora 12,The ‗technology neutrality‘ mem- ―Open Office now been a major shift in the exciting and robust products base Suse Linux, Mandrake and Source equivalents. Each of the Open Source projects are availa- world of free and open source there has been a parallel and OpenLayersorandum from the Office of Man- Owned by Oracle— ble for Open and Free Download, usage rights will have to be es- RedHat. While each OS has geospatial software. For in- arguably more important shift OpenLayers is a pure JavaS-agement and Budget(OMB) tablished. Libre Office, a stance, the website Open- with the establishment of or- cript library for displaying map merits, Ubuntu was the Over-urges Government agencies to currently lists ganisations such as OSGeo data in most modern web all Preferred Desktop.―analyse alternatives that include Proprietary Products Open Source Equivalents ―forked‖ product 100s of Open Source GIS relat- Foundation has been estab- browsers. ed projects. These include lished to offer a point of OpenTripPlannerproprietary, open source, and now available‖ products to fill every level of contact. The Tools here form OpenTripPlanner is a multi-mixed technologies. This allows Business / Productivity the spatial data infrastructure the Backbone of Open311 , modal trip planning engine Microsoft Office Open Officethe Government to pursue the Oracle Now own Open Office stack. An example of each OpenMuni and NY Transit Monthly Picks product follows. With an ad- Data, GeoExtbest strategy to meet its particu- In their recent Purchase of Sun, herence to Open Standards, GeoServer GeoExt is a JavaScript toolkit Share your experience!lar needs.‖ Libre Office as existing products are rapid- A map server that publishes for rich web mapping applica- the Open Office Suite came with ly refined and enhanced they data from any major spatial tions. Star Office Let you colleagues in the the bundle. A quick check of the can be seamlessly plugged in data source using open stand- GeoWebCacheInterestingly, this topic came up or out. Open Source software ards. GeoWebCache is a cache for local government sector know Oracle Website sees Open Officeat our recent LA Open Source Microsoft Publisher Scribus can provide a feature- PostGIS WMS tiles implemented in about the OS initiatives and for Sale at $49.00 and EnterpriseWorkshop. The main issue be- complete alternative PostGIS adds support for geo- Java. http:// implementations in your Local Versions available at $99.00 per to proprietary software in graphic objects to the Post- - does our procurement prac- Microsoft Visio Dia Authority. user. The Enterprise Versions of almost every Geo Situation.tices have to change in order to Microsoft Project OpenProj 1.4 Open Office include support for thenot discriminate against open We would like to feature localsource? Or, conversely, if I Open Workbench MSOffice .Doc and .XLS formats, This Month‘s Q&A Technology Tips authorities experience of OS Adobe PDF Viewer SumatraPDF Support for SharePoint, Alfrescodecide to use a downloaded tool, products and would invite and Oracle. Op en Sourcewithout cost to the organization Q: What are Portable Apps PDFCreator 0.9.5 A ―Forked‖ or branch of Open Of- Portable Apps are very handy. PortableAp p p rovid es a tru - contributions for our nextcan I then procure just the ser- ly op en platform th at works with newsletter. fice has been established andvices I require to make my Adobe Photoshop GIMP 2.6 / Gimpshop 2.2.11 You can carry software any hard ware you like (USB flash Please forward any articles to Libre Office 3.0 has been d rive, iPod, E ven a Networkchoice a reality? p rograms alon g with all Share, etc). Th e en tire p latform is Rhoda at Launched. Libre Office is very of your bookmarks, Microsoft Outlook TrustedBird op en sou rce bu ilt around an op en similar to Open Office and has the settin gs, email an dIf you would like to join the con- more with you . Use format that any hard ware or soft- Media Player VLC same features and functionality. ware provid er can u se.versation, please add your com- th em on any Wind ows computer. All with ou t Th e Platform is free. It contain sments to n o sp yware. Th ere are no ad ver- Internet Explorer Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox leavin g any p ersonal da-opensource ta b ehind. tisemen ts. It isn t a limited or tri- Virtualisation XEN al version. Its 100% free to u se, free to cop y and free to sh are.