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  • One of the things we all generate everyday is heavy digital content- files, videos, etc.. Etc…As of 2011, no storage system has achieved one zettabyte of information…. The total space of all the hard drives in world ~ 160 ExabyteIn 2009 All the Internet was approximated at .5 ZettabyteNow come to cost :- 1 TB disk costs around 150 USD typically…But 1 GB ( 10^9)enterprise storage is ~ $2 !!! 150/1000 =.15 USD!!!
  • Open Stack came out of
  • Any SMB has to rely on IT/SW more than ever today.Somewhere after the initial leverage, IT investment starts to become linearly related to growth and impedes the profit marginAdds to Inventory cost- some s/w are only used on qtrly basisUpgrade and readiness mostly follows Murphy’s LawHype around the industry always makes one feel outdated and all investment gone down as sunk cost.
  • In other words:- l substantial cost overhead can be avoided by subscribing to a cloud based IT implementation model and there can be a better linearity between revenue and profit ( of course with usual pressure from other costs such as marketing, administration etc.Lets dive little deep into a typical educational business and see how can we leverage cloud to avoid duplication of resources etc.
  • Non Cloud scenario :-
  • Non Cloud scenario :-
  • Qcow:- copy on write
  • Divyanshu open stack presentation -osi-ppt

    1. 1. OpenStack Cloud for SMB21st November 2011OSI Days -2011Divyanshu VermaEngg Manager, Linux Server Development, Dell RnDDivyanshu_verma@dell.com Dell India R&D Centre
    2. 2. Cloud – How Big is Cloud (The Business Horizon) ● Zettabyte (10^21) – 1,000 Exabytes ● 1,000,000 Petabytes ● 1,000,000,000 Terabytes ● All of the data on Earth today ● (150GB of data per person). ● 2% OF THE DATA ON EARTH IN 2020 Item Monthly Cost ENTERPRISE AVGERAGE $1.98 PER GIGABYTE STORAGE COST WORLD GDP $5.13 TRILLION COST TO STORE A ZETTABYTE $1.98 TRILLION ➔ Amounts for 38.5% of world GDP ➔( Based 0n 2010 IEEE Cloudcom conference) Dell India R&D Centre
    3. 3. Cloud Business - Interesting Numbers Source Data IDC Cloud search >$16 Billion .. Predicted to grow at CAGR 27.4% AWS Revenue Growth @50% YoY Growth for past 5 years Current earnings ~ $500 Million Rack Space Cloud Cloud product sales rose 85 per cent in Earning the quarter, air-kissing $43m ( Aug 2011) The Growing Cloud……………………………….. Dell India R&D Centre
    4. 4. Growth of Rackspace Cloud Business Quarters RackSpace Cloud Earning QoQ Growth % YoY % Sep-10 26,763,000 Dec-10 31,415,000 17 Mar-11 37,107,000 18 Jun-11 42,954,000 16 Sep-11 50,673,000 18 89 RackSpace Cloud Earning 60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 RackSpace Cloud Earning 10,000,000 0 http://ir.rackspace.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=221673&p =irol-calendarpast Dell India R&D Centre
    5. 5. Big bang :-History and Timeline of Open Stack July 2010 July 2010 Nov 2010 Oct 2011 OpenStack OpenStack Conference First public & OpenStack Essex launches Design Design Summit Fall 2011 with 25+ Summit in San partners Antonio Dell India R&D Centre
    6. 6. OpenStack Ecosystem At present there are about 140 Organization in Ecosystem(http://openstack.org/community/companies) Dell India R&D Centre
    7. 7. In Summary IaaS cloud computing software to build public and private clouds. More than 140 companies are part including Dell, AMD, HP, CISCO All code will be released under the Apache License Development based on a design summit every 6 months. Publicly available source code. Dell India R&D Centre
    8. 8. System Architecture Dell India R&D Centre
    9. 9. SMB –IT Based Costs Real State Human Resource Licensing Issues Profit IT Cost Pressure AMC Software Thermo Static expenses Revenue Power Dell India R&D Centre
    10. 10. Cloud Fabric… Profit Revenue Avail Best ofCustom Minimal H/W, Analytitailored Operational cs, Web 2.0 Challenges etc Dell India R&D Centre
    11. 11. USECASES Dell India R&D Centre
    12. 12. HI End S/W, VLSI etc IT- Manpower Computing Lab Admin e- forms, admissions ( APP) E- Lectures, videos Library ( APP) ( APP)AF1 AF2 AFn Dell India R&D Centre
    13. 13. IT- HI End S/W, VLS I etc Manpo Computing Lab Admin e- wer forms, admiss ions ( APP) Lectures, videE-Library ( APP) os ( APP) External I/F IaaS/PaaS/SaaSAF1 AF2 AFn Dell India R&D Centre
    14. 14. Business Decisions to go for Cloud ● Resizing of computational resource based on real time requirement ● Choices for the type of Platforms-Operating System etc. ● Pay for what was used ● Concept for pre booking and spot pricing makes non-critical tasks very affordable Dell India R&D Centre
    15. 15. Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution SW SW “Crowbar” OPS OPS CloudOps HW Software ReferenceArchitecture Dell India R&D Centre
    16. 16. A Practical Frame work Cloud Dell India R&D Centre
    17. 17. Demo Specification Private Cloud Private Cloud NOVA Controller VM2 VM2 VM3 VM3 VM4 VM4 NOVA NOVA NOVA OPEN Compute Dashboard Scheduler STACK C1 C2 NOVA Compute Glance NOVA VM1 VM1 Server Network Crow Bar NOVA Compute C3 C4 C5 NOVA NOVA Compute VM5 VM5 VM6 VM6 VM7 VM7 Compute Virtual Box Base OS (Ubuntu 11.04) Hardware (T710, Nehlam EP, 2.2Ghz, 8GB RAM, 3TB) Dell India R&D Centre
    18. 18. OPENSTACK INTERNALSComponents of OpenStackNova: provides virtual servers upon demand. Similar to Amazon EC2.Swift: provides object/blob storage. This is roughly analogous Amazon S3.Glance: provides discovery, storage and retrieval of virtual machine images for OpenStack Nova. Dell India R&D Centre
    19. 19. Nova Diagrammatic Flow Dell India R&D Centre
    20. 20. OPENSTACK INTERNALS GLANCE Dell India R&D Centre
    21. 21. GLANCE PROJECT – Major Features ➔Uniquie URI “<Glance Server Location>/images/<ID>” ➔REST-like API specification can be used by Glance as a registry. ➔Multiple activity states for images ➔Extensive disk formats like raw, vhd, vmdk , vdi , iso , qcow2, aki, ari , ami ➔Various container formats like ovf, bare, aki, ari, ami Dell India R&D Centre
    22. 22. Generic Cloud Architecture Dell India R&D Centre
    23. 23. OpenStack modular Architecture Dell India R&D Centre
    24. 24. One of the Fathers of Cloud Computing“In retrospect I realize that in almost everything that we worked on together, wewere both amateurs... But the things that we studied were so new that no oneelse knew exactly what they were doing either. It was amateurs who made theprogress.”‐W. Daniel Hillis, on Richard Feynman Dell India R&D Centre
    25. 25. Resources to Play AroundOpenstack downloadhttp://www.openstack.org/Dell Crowbar downloadhttps://github.com/dellcloudedge/crowbarPre-requisites1) For compute nodes ( Nova-compute) :- H/W virtualization support ( Intel-VT-D/AMD-VI) Dell India R&D Centre
    26. 26. Thank You Dell India R&D Centre