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Squiz and Funnelback Scotland Seminar May 2013


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This is the presentation from the Squiz and Funnelback Scotland Seminar in May 2013. We discussed the latest key trends in web experience management and search , including responsive web design, social media and content - all illustrated with case study success stories.

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Squiz and Funnelback Scotland Seminar May 2013

  1. 1. WelcomeSquizandFunnelbackScotlandSeminar15.05.2013#squizseminar
  2. 2. Funnelback*UK**!Ma$!Taylor!@ma$letaylor!!
  3. 3. Agenda*  Introduc3on!to!Funnelback!  Op3mising!your!online!channel,!with!search!  What’s!this!Big!Data!thing?!
  4. 4. Introduc4on*to*Funnelback*  1991!–!CSIRO!and!David!Hawking!  1999!–!Australian!Na3onal!University!(ANU)!  2009!–!Squiz!!  2009!–!Funnelback!UK!  Funnelback!is!a!featureWrich!search!solu3on!for!both!websites!and!the!enterprise!!
  5. 5. Introduc4on*to*Funnelback*  Spelling!sugges3ons!!  Query!autoWcomple3on!!  Structured!sugges3ons!!  Explore!!  Mobile!Search!!  Faceted!naviga3on!  Contextual!naviga3on!!  Content!Op3miser!!  Text!miner!!  Query!blending!  Federa3on!
  6. 6. 5!!
  7. 7. Introduc4on*to*Funnelback** *What’s*important*to*us*  Delivering!successful!search!implementa3ons!– Informa3on/data!– Personas!– Journeys!!!  Ge`ng!every!person!to!their!result!quicker!  Whilst!crea3ng!an!excellent!search!experience!!
  8. 8. Channel*op4misa4on **!  Promo4ng*your!brand!and!corporate!iden3ty!  Enhancing!the!UX,!with!personalisa3on!  Displaying!in!any!device!  Using*Analy3cs,!for!constant!improvements!
  9. 9. Brand*and*corporate*iden4ty*  Doesn’t!happen!by!accident,!across!any!industry!!  A!huge!amount!of!effort!is!put!into!ge`ng!this!right!
  10. 10. UX*and*personalisa4on*  “Site!naviga3on!is!not!flexible!and!is!wri$en!for!a!single!classifica3on”!  But!search!is!driven!by!the!searcher!  E.g.!Bank!West!–!75%!of!all!searchers!now!click!through!the!Advanced!Auto!Complete!!
  11. 11. Device*agnos4c*  Why!does!it!ma$er?!!
  12. 12. Mobile*specifically*  What!are!the!challenges!for!search?!  Diversity!of!search!queries!is!less!on!a!mobile!  It’s!harder!to!type!on!a!mobile!  Low!explora3on!rate!on!a!mobile!
  13. 13. Device*op4ons*for*success*!  Responsive!design!!  Smart!phone!app!  Tap!UX!
  14. 14.*
  15. 15.*
  16. 16. Analy4cs*for*improvement*  What!is!being!searched!for?!!  What!is!returning!zero!results?!  Do!we!need!best!bets?!  Do!we!need!to!setup!synonyms?!  Where!are!our!searchers!searching!from?!  Can!we!now!complete!the!whole!user!journey?!!
  17. 17. Analy4cs*for*improvement*  Automa3c!pa$ern!analysis!–!query!spikes!
  18. 18. ”Web)pages)want)to)be)found.)The)same)can’t)always)be)said)of)enterprise)content.")
  19. 19. Hermes!Investment!Bank!!• !Life3me!of!fund!data!• !100’s!millions!of!data!points!• *Complex!analy3cs!*
  20. 20. 22!Internal*Search*
  21. 21. Making*Big*Data*Search*Work*  50,000!European!companies!with!over!4,000!employees!  Only!a!small!%!have!a!Search!solu3on!  It’s!not!working!–!why?!!  Over!reliance!on!the!technology!!  Should!be!about!the!people!and!the!informa3on!
  22. 22. Making*Your*Search*Work** * *in*your*Enterprise*  Funnelback!can!connect*  search!across!mul3ple!repositories!  Funnelback!can!locate*  search!using!specific!query!strings!  Funnelback!can!parse*  find!‘other’!file!types!  Provide!ways!to!unlock*the*value*in!your!informa4on*and*humanise*it,!making!every!result!personal!to!the!searcher!
  23. 23. !!!> 1!Hot Topics in Web Experience Management!!!
  24. 24. > 2!Hot topics in Web ExperienceManagementWeb Experience Management?1.  Managing Content — CMS•  Publishing, workflow, content re-use, etc. Stillappropriate. But we’re all maturing.2.  Managing Experiences•  Understanding your users•  Delivering your business value, online.
  25. 25. > 3!Hot topics in Web ExperienceManagement>  Mobile>  Personalisation>  Interoperability>  Analytics>  Social>  Cloud
  26. 26. > 4!The mobile challenge>  WEB101 - Don t make me think!!!>  Users need to be able to use your site>  Less screen space, even more important— work through the actions you wantthem to do. Or that they want to do.>  Maintain this user experience across arange of devices.>  Without killing your content team.
  27. 27. > 5!The Mobile Web?>  There is no mobile web
  28. 28. > 6!Mobile: Responsive Design
  29. 29. > 7!Personalisation>  Your web experience is not a brochure.>  It is not a ‘dumb terminal’>  We can understand information about avisitor — their ‘context’ when they are onyour site>  By understanding their context, we canprovide more relevant content to them>  Contextual content = relevant content
  30. 30. > 8!Personalisation>  Relevant content helps users, in a timelyway, to help them complete their tasks>  Context awareness can understand:-  Language-  Location-  Device-  New or returning visitor-  Existing customer-  Google keyword search-  Referring site-  Previous behaviour / purchases-  Browsing path
  31. 31. > 9!Personalisation drives action>  Successful WEM isn’t about prettypictures — its about simplicity.>  If you search for something, you expectrelevant results.>  Failure to account for the context of theuser is a missed opportunity to help meetyour goals
  32. 32. > 10!Interoperability>  Your online channel will no longer work inisolation.>  Key to successful integration is the abilityto connect to to your backend systems.-  Lead generation-  Customer service-  Data-  3rd parties-  Cloud Services-  …>  Integral to a successful WEM strategy
  33. 33. > 11!Interoperability
  34. 34. > 12!Social Media>  Social networking has becomethe world’s most popular onlineactivity>  There are more Facebook usersthan Buddhists>  More £££ - but what is the ROI?Tweets, Likes, Followers?
  35. 35. > 13!Social Media>  Social Media is powerful.>  BUT. You need the web presenceto drive traffic to from yoursocial activity.-  What will people do when they clickthrough?-  Can you deliver the promise?-  Is you site mobile ready (many socialnetworks have over 50% of traffic frommobile users)>  As an organisation social mediais just one channel in your questto meet your goals.
  36. 36. > 14!AnalyticsData! Analysis!Educated!Ac0on!More!Effec0ve!Website!Be9er!Business!Outcomes!
  37. 37. > 15!Analytics enablesOptimisation> Optimisation is the loop ofconstant improvement.> It is the understanding of sitebehaviour and using this toincrease your success.> Without this, you are onlydoing half the job!> Everyone has analytics. Butnot enough people useanalytics
  38. 38. > 16!
  39. 39. > 17!The Cloud>  WEM is about innovating, adapting andimproving.>  Deploy fast, and agile on a cloudinfrastructure>  Removes the barriers to entry
  40. 40. > 18!The Hot Topics for WEM>  Key takeaways…-  Plan for the mobile evolution, now.-  Understand your users, think about what usefulpersonalisation looks like-  What are your business critical systems? Howwould you deliver these to customers?-  Ensure your online channel connects with yoursocial activity-  Optimise, Optimise, Optimise-  Understand how Cloud can help you deliver
  41. 41. > 19!Thanks for your attention!Tweet us at@squizuk and@funnelbackuk