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The Arctic Cold War


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A presentation by Bicyclemark (@Bicyclemark), at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin, December 2007.

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The Arctic Cold War

  1. 1. The Arctic Cold WarThe battle to control resources while thefuture of the earth hangs in the balance.1
  2. 2. The Arctic Cold WarThe battle to control resources while thefuture of the earth hangs in the balance.1
  3. 3. The Arctic Cold WarThe battle to control resources while thefuture of the earth hangs in the balance.1
  4. 4. The Arctic Cold WarThe battle to control resources while thefuture of the earth hangs in the balance.1
  5. 5. The Arctic Cold WarThe battle to control resources while thefuture of the earth hangs in the balance.1
  6. 6. Who Runs the Arctic?NO ONE!The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)UN Convention on the Law of the SeaRatified by everyone BUT the US.ten years to make claims to extend 200 mile zone2
  7. 7. Law of the SeaUnited Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea:Exlusive Economic Zone (320 nautical km) includingresourcesProve that undersea shelf extends beyond that, get theright to exploit those resourcesstates are entitled to an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 320 nautical kilometres (200 nautical miles)beyond their coastline. A coastal state has the exclusive right to exploit all natural resources within itsEEZ, including subsoil hydrocarbon resources. If a state can prove to the UN Commissionon the Limits of the Continental Shelf that its undersea shelf extends beyond its EEZ, it hasthe right to exploit that seabed’s resources.3
  8. 8. Who Claims PiecesUSRussiaCanadaDenmarkNorway4
  9. 9. Resources... ?Potentially 29% of GlobalNatural GasPotentially 10% of GlobalOilPassage5
  10. 10. RoutesCompared to Suez or Panama Canal, Northern SeaRoute (NSR) offers a 40% reduction in travel timeBetween Europe and US West Coast, or NortheastAsia and Far East...Hamburg to Yokohama is normally 18,400 km,through the NSR- 11,100 km.Normally only available in summer, with GlobalWarming, all year round!6
  11. 11. 7
  12. 12. According to Russia586 billion barrels of oil in the Arctic (in the Russianpart of the Arctic)If Russia gets its claims, 2/3 of GlobalHydrocarbon Reserves would be controlled byRussia69 Percent of Arctic Reserves Belong or will LikelyBelong to Russia8
  13. 13. The Planting9
  14. 14. The ExpeditionMission: to gather evidence to support theRussian claimThe planting of the underwater flag (July 2007) onLomonosov Ridge10
  15. 15. US ReactionScramble the Ice-BreakersIncrease Arctic Air PatrolsBoost for funding the coast guard / arctic missions11
  16. 16. American Response12
  17. 17. Canadian ReactionOperation Nanook: two surface ships, asubmarine, and 700 military personnel conducting“maneuvers”Big speeches by Prime Minister Harper aboutRussia’s actions being unimportant and Canadahaving a long-established claimPromising new military bases, and an ArcticNational Sensor System, for detecting foreignsubmarines and surface ships13
  18. 18. Here Comes Canada14
  19. 19. Danish Get Mad15
  20. 20. Danish ReactionCopenhagen launched an expedition; 40 scientistsaboard a Swedish ice breaker, to the north poleMission: To gather evidence that Lomonosov ridgeis an underwater extension of Greenland, notRussia.Bonus: Hans Island, both Canada and Denmarkhave launched expeditions to: Plant a Flag on it!!16
  22. 22. Norwegian Reaction? None. SilentWhy?Strategic Partnership with Russia for oil drillingStatoil and Norsk Hydro cooperate with Gazprom and Rosneft18
  23. 23. Greenland and AlaskaIn Eastern Greenland, 10 billion barrels of oilestimated.Northern Shelf of Alaska, 6 billion barrelsArctic National Wildlife Refuge, if opened, meansmore oil and gas.19
  24. 24. CorporationsExxon in Russia and AlaskaShell in CanadaBP in AlaskaStatoil in Norway and RussiaGazprom in Russia20
  25. 25. Environmental ImpactOcean LevelEcosystemGlobal TemperaturePollution21
  26. 26. Temp.Warmest year for the Globe 2005Data collection began in 1880In specific countries, especially in the Northern Hemisphere andWestern Europe, 2006 broke national recordsLack of Ice means less heat is reflected, and waterwarms up.Ice cover is estimated to be gone be 201522
  27. 27. The SeaIncreased water temperaturesDecreased level of salinityHigher Ocean LevelsRisk of Spills through NW Passage23
  28. 28. The Chess Match24
  29. 29. Questions Are:Why should anyone own the arctic?Why are both media and citizens not making theconnections between the arctic and our lives?Who supports these activities? These politicians?These Policies?Why should weapons of mass destruction andlives be used as chess pieces in the energy game?25
  30. 30. Meanwhile:The Antarctic Melt RushUK, Australia, Chilé, Argentina, New Zealand,Norway, FranceFighting for control over the melting ice.26
  31. 31. Lastly Today, A Video27
  32. 32. Thank You.-Your turn now.28