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IoT Seminar (Oct. 2016) CK Vishwakarma - IOTSG


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Introductory presentation from IOTSG, opening OMA's IoT Developer Seminar/Webinar on October 26, 2016

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IoT Seminar (Oct. 2016) CK Vishwakarma - IOTSG

  1. 1. IoT Seminar: How Developers Can Get the Most Out of IoT Standards and Tool Wed, 26th Oct 2016 Pilgrim Beart DevicePilot Amit Shah Nokia Nicolas Damour Sierra Wireless 5:55: The World of IoT and How Standards Fit-in 6:15: Importance of Use of Standards & Protocol Validation Services 6:35: Combining LightweightM2M and oneM2M for Developers Jong-Young Lee MDS Technology Juan Perez Microsoft 7:55: NEO-IDM(New IOT Device management) platform based on LWM2M protocol 8:15: Developing Services with Microsoft’s Azure Platform Tao Lin Movimento Group Alex Edelmann BoschSI 6:55 : Security, Interoperability and Remote Device Management in IoT 7:15: Support OTA for Automotive with OMA 7:35: Practical Applications of the Vorto Device Abstraction and Code Generation Tools Hatem Oueslati IOTEROP public material
  2. 2. What is IoTSG? we are 1200+ IoTSG is the largest and the most active IoT community in South East Asia Aim to enable a collaborative IoTEcosystem hosted 40+ events @ckvishwakarma @atcalliance #IoTSG #IOTISCOLLABORATION
  3. 3. The Open Mobile Alliance Copyright © 2016 Open Mobile Alliance. All rights reserved.  Develops network-agnostic protocols that enable interoperable applications on wireless networks.  Device management/OTA for Telco and IOT applications  Location protocols  APIs that expose network and device capabilities to applications  The Leading International Industry Forum for Developing Market Driven – Interoperable Mobile Service Enablers