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Intro to IoT & the role of LwM2M Technologies (Internet of Things World 2017, Santa Clara)


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Presentation for the LwM2M Ecosystem Workshop during the Internet of Things Show 2017 in Santa Clara, CA,, title: "Introduction to IoT and role Light weight machine to machine Technologies"

Presentation given by:
*Vasu Kadambi - Dean’s Executive Professor, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
*Shivakumar Mathapathi - Co-Founder and CTO, Dew Mobility / Industry Advisor, Electrical Engineering / Guest Lecture, IoT and Mobile application development, Santa Clara University / Industry Advisor, Electrical Science, Sonoma State University

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Intro to IoT & the role of LwM2M Technologies (Internet of Things World 2017, Santa Clara)

  1. 1. Vasu Kadambi Dean’s Executive Professor Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University Shivakumar Mathapathi Co-Founder and CTO, Dew Mobility, Fremont, CA. Industry Advisor – Electrical Engineering Guest Lecture - IoT and Mobile application development Santa Clara University, CA Industry Advisor - Electrical Science, Sonoma State University, CA Introduction to IoT and role Light weight machine to machine Technologies
  2. 2. Source: Internet search
  3. 3. IoT Schematic Diagram Sensors Grove Sensors : CO2, Temperature Humidity Light Has provision to add any type of sensors Device Driver Software Embedded C Programming Micro Controller Unit Wi-Fi Web Interfacing Software Python Node Red Any Java Programming Marvell EZ – MW302 Board ARM mbed + Marvell – Wi-Fi Chip sets Amazon Cloud AWS-IOT MQTT/HTTP/CoAP Protocol
  4. 4. Role of LwM2M Devices in IoT
  5. 5. An Overview • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) protocol • Designed for Machine to Machine or IoT device management • Communication between LwM2M Server to LwM2M client • Developed for sensor networks • Managing lightweight and low power constrained devices • Based on representational state transfer (REST) • Created for remote management of M2M devices • Enable various IoT services
  6. 6. Supported and Endorsed by - Secured data transfer – Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)- IPSO - Based on working group standards from IETF (Internet Engineering task force) - Supported by Eclipse Foundation. Implemented: Leshan – Java Wakaama – C
  7. 7. OMA Lightweight M2M is designed to: • Provide Device Management functionality over sensor or cellular networks • Transfer service data from the network to devices • Extend to meet the requirements of most any application Objectives of Developing LwM2M
  8. 8. Protocol Layers and IoT Standards Application Software IPSO Objects OMA LWM2M CoAP HTTP 6LowPAN IPv4/IPv6 MCU – 16KB RAM MPU 802.15.4 WiFi, Ethernet Hardware HW Network Routing Application Protocol API Data Models Application
  9. 9. LwM2M Flow diagram DatagramTransport Layer Security (DTLS)
  10. 10. Role of LwM2M Devices in IoT Designed to create the following opportunities and business benefits for the M2M industry: • Reduce the degree of fragmentation • Enabling more plug-and-play solutions • Act as an enabler to grow the M2M market in various segments ranging from smart city Energy management Location tracking. Low cost to enable sustainable business models.
  11. 11. Role LwM2M Devices in IoT • Improve time-to-market and the manageability of devices • Lead to a decoupling of M2M appliances and server-side platforms, thereby enabling independent innovation of M2M devices and platforms. • Growing the number of interoperable M2M connected devices to provide more choice for M2M customers regarding M2M devices and their management platforms.
  12. 12. Operations to be impacted by M2M and IoT deployments • M2M deployments will get more sophisticated – and deliver greater ROI • IoT will become vital to the customer experience • There will be a new focus on connecting the ‘things’ that matter
  13. 13. Advantages of Implementation of LwM2M applications Implementation of LwM2M protocol on IoT devices will: • Reduce the cost • Save the time • Reduce risk • Unlocks the door for new innovations.
  14. 14. Block Diagram Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP180) to sense Pressure, Temperature and Altitude values LED LED Sensor Ubidots Libraries Eclipse Leshan / Wakaama Client for OMA LwM2M Eclipse Ubidots Leshan Sever (Local) Ethernet cable / Wi-Fi AP Raspberry Pi3
  15. 15. Smart Bin - Waste Management
  16. 16. Smart Bin - Waste Management
  17. 17. Advanced Flood Warning and Environmental Awareness System for the City of Rohnert Park, USA
  18. 18. Sensed Hiking Trails
  19. 19. Heart Rate Monitor using Gear Cloud BLE 3G/4G WiFi Control Room
  20. 20. City Archive using Tile
  21. 21. References • transform-operations-tag2 • • • transform-operations-tag2 • open-source-embedded-platform-for-connected-applications-tag10
  22. 22. Thank You