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Who should tell the data stories?


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Presentation by Maarten Lambrechts at Open Belgium 2017.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Who should tell the data stories?

  1. 1. Who should tell the dataWho should tell the data stories?stories? March 6 2017@maartenzam Open Belgium STATS OFFICES VS. THE MEDIA
  2. 2. "You're saying it's a falsehood, our Press Secretary gave alternative facts to that."
  3. 3. "This was the largest audience to ever
  4. 4. So leave the data stories to the media...
  5. 5. ... but the media isn't doing its data work
  6. 6. So who should tell the data stories?
  7. 7. The media should
  8. 8. Media should be more data literate
  9. 9. Statistical offices could make journalist's lifes a bit easier