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Unvote - Diplohack Brussels


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Unvote discover correlations between the council votes on legislative acts and countries' features. This project was made by the Nighthawk team during the Diplohack Brussels hackathon on 29-30 April 2016.

Published in: Technology
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Unvote - Diplohack Brussels

  1. 1. Unvote Visualising  the  correlation  of  the  Council’s  voting   behaviour  with  state  development  indicators. All  photos  kindly  CC0-­‐licensed   by
  2. 2. First,  a  false  start • Thinking  of  the  discerning  consumer,  we  tried  to  combine  data  on • Food  additives • Pesticides • Food  and  feed  alerts • But  couldn’t  find  any  use  for  the  data • Because  there’s  no  data  on  ingredients  in  different  food  products • Cross-­‐referencing  would  have  been  a  pain • And  a  manual  search  wouldn’t  have  been  that  usable • We  decided  to  turn  to  another  direction
  3. 3. Bringing  context  to  Council  voting  behaviour • There’s  nothing  new  in  visualising  Council  voting  behaviour  per  se • Dataset  available  from  the  General  Secretariat • The  Member  States  are  different,  but  does  this  affect  their  voting? • Are  economic  considerations  a  factor? • Does  voting  behaviour  change  according  to  policy  sector? • Do  large  contributions  to  development  aid  signal  a  more  international  stance? • We  don’t  imply  causality,  but  we  deliver  correlation! • A  total  of  1420  series  in  the  World  Development  Indicators,  courtesy  of  the   WBO  (though  not  all  have  meaningful  data  for  our  purposes) • We  decided  to  offer  a  tool  for  visualising  correlations  of  votes  to  indicators • And  we  do  it  on  two  platforms
  4. 4. Tech  specs   and  screencaps HTML  +  JS Java  Swing  +  MySQL
  5. 5. Use  cases  and  further  development • Researchers,  journalists,  general  public • Adding  more  (and  up  to  date)  datasets  from  EuroStat • Comparison  of  multiple  indicators • More  options  for  zooming  in  to  relevant  voting  data  (policy  area  etc) • Better  country  plotting  in  votes • Displaying  indicator  values • Export  options  for  the  visualisation