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The state of Open Data in Belgium


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Introduction of Open Belgium 2016 by Pieter Colpaert en Toon Vanagt

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The state of Open Data in Belgium

  1. 1. Welcome to Open Belgium 2016
  2. 2. Hello! Toon Vanagt @toon Pieter Colpaert @pietercolpaert
  3. 3. 1. The Essentials Guiding you through the conference day
  4. 4. Tweets Posting about the conference on social media? #openbelgium16 Questions to the conference on Twitter? @openbelgium
  5. 5. We’re a community driven conference 40% attendees = CfP speakers 21 sessions With the help of 15 volunteers
  6. 6. The programme Check out your lanyard for details! 9:00 - 10:30: Plenary 11:00 - 17:00: Break-outs (+ this room) 17:00 - 17:30: Closing keynote in this room 18:00: Reception at Antwerp’s city hall* Volunteers will walk us over there in groups of 30
  7. 7. Limited capacity in 2 break-out rooms Limited capacity in break-out rooms: ● Scaldis ● Prentenkabinet During first coffee: claim a sticker for these break-out sessions Without sticker, no entrance in a workshop Next to Prentenkabinet: ● Free wifi zone + powerplugs ● Meeting/network room
  8. 8. Introducing the Open Currency Donate Open Currency coins to working groups: ● Each speaker gets 10 ‘open currency’ coins. ● Attendees can buy ‘open currency’ coins ● Each coin represents 1 euro, which you can donate to our different working groups: ○ Creative Commons Belgium ○ Wikimedia Belgium ○ OpenStreetMap Belgium ○ Open Tourism ○ Open Access Belgium ○ Open Transport (iRail)
  9. 9. Feeling lost? Reach out to a volunteer This shirt This lanyard
  10. 10. A big thank you to our platinum partners
  11. 11. And to all our other partners
  12. 12. 2. State of Open Where are we today?
  13. 13. “ Belgian Federal open data policy is good stuff! - Andrew Stott (@DirDigEng) United Kingdom Government's first Director of Transparency & Digital Engagement.
  14. 14. The degree of openness is in the eye of the beholder
  15. 15. The degree of openness is in the eye of the beholder I represent the interests of the owner of the Intellectual Property related to the depiction of this “Half-Full/Empty”-concept and if you do not take down this material immediately then we will commence legal action against you for infringement of our client's rights. ©Glass Half-Full/Empty
  16. 16. “Being right too soon” is often legally challenging...
  17. 17. Story that dates back to 2010 2010: Yeri Tiete received a Cease & Desist from NMBS/SNCB 2012: Open Knowledge Belgium was founded to defend rights and shield personal liability too 2015: Yeri hired by Fedict to help startups reuse Open Data 2016: NMBS/SNCB admits to have been on the ‘wrong side’ of history
  18. 18. Data exhaust: “All of the related data generated by digital activities.” ● Consists of virtual trails left behind, similar to the exhaust from a vehicle, a byproduct that reveals the trail it has taken. ● Tells good stories about habits and preferences. ● The reuse of open data sets often generates more insights and even unexpected policy advice...
  19. 19. E.g., iRail API usage statistics
  20. 20. Status of the EU PSI-legislation adoption in Belgium ● The new European Directive on the re- use of public sector information (PSI) had to be adopted by all EU member states prior to July 2015… ● Belgium is late, but almost there too… ● Setting standard with ‘open by default’ policy!
  21. 21. Status of the EU PSI-legislation adoption in Belgium Discussed in government Discussed in parliament Voted in parliament Belgium V V ? Flanders V V 3/6/2015 Wallonia V V ? Brussels V ? ?
  22. 22. Open Knowledge was recognised as grassroot umbrella organisation for open data legislation Grassroot input from & feedback by Open Knowledge Belgium Discussed in government Discussed in parliament Voted in parliament Belgium V V V ? Flanders V V V 30/6/2015 Wallonia V V V ? Brussels V V ? ?
  23. 23. Annual effort tracking state of Open Data Source:
  24. 24. 43% open Today, Belgium is considered to be
  25. 25. 35thout of 122 countries This ranks Belgium
  26. 26. 2015: #35 2014: #53 2013: #56 Trend looks good
  27. 27. But our big neighbors are ahead.. Source:
  28. 28. Government Spending (ranking 8th) Government Budget (ranking 25th) Source:
  29. 29. National Map: 60% High score thanks to availability and quality Yet it is far from open →
  30. 30. Biggest conference on Open Street Map comes to Brussels this Fall
  31. 31. Weather Forecast 40% Information available at But… KMI/IRM is not included within PSI directive and actively sells this data for reuse
  32. 32. Land ownership (ranked 31st) Source: Source:
  33. 33. Legislation (ranking 39th) Source: Source: March 8 2016 in Brussels: Big Open Legal Data Conference (BOLD)
  34. 34. Company Register (ranking 58th) Source: Low score due to registration requirement to: “secure the data reception” →
  35. 35. 3. Where are those datasets? Where do I find those open data pearls to fill my “holy grail”?
  36. 36. Location Data portal availability URL Europe V Belgium V Flanders V Wallonia V Brussels Will be launched on 3/3/2016! Data portals are the new black
  37. 37. 4. Where’s the reuse?
  38. 38. Costs Benefits
  39. 39. Panel discussion
  40. 40. Ingrid Willems Founder of DataScouts If anyone is going to make our cities and things smarter… It’s her. @immwillems
  41. 41. Christine Copers Innovation Manager Fedict Executes the Federal Open Data Strategy @ChristineCopers
  42. 42. Noël Van Herreweghe Open Data manager at Information Flanders If Open Data would be president in Flanders, Noël would be the first lady @opendataforum_
  43. 43. Open Data Panel: stimulating reuse in Belgium @opendataforum_@christinecopers@immwillems
  44. 44. Open Summer of code 2016
  45. 45. #openbelgium15 #opentourism A community supporting Digital Creativity in Tourism
  46. 46. From ad-hoc activity to a solid community Our mission is to “support digital creativity concerning tourism" and to host the “Open Standard for Tourism” Vocabulary, which is a reusable Ontology for describing tourism data. Join the Community Meeting, March 5, 2016 Mechelen
  47. 47. Join our community!
  48. 48. Thanks! You can reach us at @toon & @pietercolpaert Open Belgium 2016 - Slide template CC-BY 4.0 SlidesCarnival #openbelgium16