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Overview Open Belgium 2017


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Open Belgium 2017 took place on 6th March 2017 at BEL Brussels. It's an annual community-driven gathering on open knowledge and open data in Belgium, organised by Open Knowledge Belgium.

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Overview Open Belgium 2017

  1. 1. Hosted by 06-03-2017 - BEL Brussels
  2. 2. Open Belgium 2017 was: ● Affordable for everyone ● Inspiring for all different stakeholders ● Trending for 8 hours on social media all over Belgium ● 41% bigger in terms of attendance compared to last year A big success!
  3. 3. Attendance Open Belgium 2017 263 Tickets 251 Shows Extremely high show-up rate (95%) Community tickets Company tickets Partner tickets 128 102 33
  4. 4. 44 Speakers 18 Sessions Programme Open Belgium 2017
  5. 5. All presentations, notes and visuals are available online in order to keep the discussion going
  6. 6. 1. Overview of attendees Who attended Open Belgium 2017?
  7. 7. Which stakeholder category do attendees belong to? We achieved what we aimed at: gathering industry, research, government and citizen stakeholders. All of them were well represented.
  8. 8. Expanded view of attendees and their background Like in all previous editions, we have put a lot of effort into attracting different stakeholder groups.
  9. 9. Division of government attendees As this year’s theme was ‘Open Cities, Smart Data’, it’s easy to understand why more than 90% of our government attendees were federal, regional and municipal representatives. Nevertheless, we’re glad to gain international momentum (inside and outside European borders) and hope for more visibility in the coming years as Belgium climbs up the European open knowledge ladder.
  10. 10. Which stakeholder category do attendees belong to? We made an open call for speakers and, after an open organizing committee meeting, we managed to have equal representations from the private and public sectors. This helped us give our attendees varied content, varying from research projects to community-driven initiatives.
  11. 11. 2. Feedback from 41 attendees What did attendees like the most? And what could have been better?
  12. 12. Overall rating Open Belgium 2017 We sent out a feedback form to all attendees just after the event and got feedback from 41 attendees (16%). 95% of our respondents rated Open Belgium 2017 as good or excellent; satisfying numbers.
  13. 13. Likelihood of attending Open Belgium 2018 4 out of 5 respondents are likely to attend Open Belgium 2018.
  14. 14. Strengths and improvements Open Belgium 2017 Strengths - Enthusiasm of volunteers and participants - Networking opportunities - Variety of themes discussed What we will do better next year - More time for Q&A (interaction with attendees) - More detailed description of the different sessions and workshops - Some small website improvements
  15. 15. 3. Open Belgium 2018 What to expect from our next year’s edition?
  16. 16. Open Belgium and its road to more open knowledge and open data in Belgium
  17. 17. We're ready to welcome more than 300 visitors in 2018. The community is ready. Are you?
  18. 18. Thank you! Want to discuss Open Belgium 2018 or get more information? Presentation template by SlidesCarnival Dries at +32 474 26 56 18