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OpenAire Sessions - Benedicte Gombault

  1. First ly, WHY Responsible Research & Innovat ion?
  2. Societ y is facing many challenges t oday; just t o name a few… Health, demographic change, and wellbeing Food, agriculture & forestry, and water Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green and integrated transport Climate action, environment, and resources Secure societies: freedom and security of Europe and its citizens Much hope is behind t he crucial role t hat R&I has t o solve t hese challenges for a bright er fut ure
  3. ...part ly because not all key act ors have been engaged: POLICY MAKERS RESEARCH COMMUNITY CIVIL SOCIETY BUSINESS & INDUSTRY EDUCATION COMMUNITY ● GMOs ● food safety ● smartmeters ● affordable medication among others... But t here have been as well cont roversies and failures from t he R&I syst em t o fulfil some societ al expect at ions:
  4. And t here is also a large consensus t hat changes are needed in t he governance of R&I Cert ain key issues need t o be t aken int o account in t he R&I syst em: GENDER EQUALITY Human resources and research dimension ETHICS Research integrity OPEN ACCESS To results from publicly funded research, privacy issues... GOVERNANCE Structural change to include in the R&I system all these issues PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Towards a more open and inclusive R&I SCIENCE EDUCATION Providing competences for the responsible citizens society needs
  5. Therefore more complex and polifacet ic societ ies demand more democracy int o science and more science int o democracy Align R&I with societ al values, needs and expect at ions Open R&I to new act ors from unusual backgrounds for the matter RRI Ensure R&I addresses societ al challenges Responsible Research & Innovation is a new governance and values framework to build a new path where these requests could blossom
  6. and considering specific key issues RRI is about : Policy Makers Research Communit y Civil Societ y Organisat ions Business & Indust ry Educat ion Communit y Science Educat ion Et hics Gender Equalit y Governance Open Access Public Engagement Diverse and Inclusive Open and Transparent Responsive and Adapt ive Ant icipat ive and Reflect ive including all act ors, and process dimensions
  7. These process dimensions mean Diversit y and Inclusion Ant icipat ion and Reflect ion Openness and Transparency Responsiveness and Adapt ive Change R&I should care about how its own dynamic will affect future R&I should be narrated to society in a meaningful and honest way New and more public needs to be early involved and listened in R&I R&I needs values and processes to adapt to emerging knowledge or needs
  8. The 6 key policies wit hin RRI The European Commission has identified 6 key components in Research and Innovation processes that have a strong potential to take RRI into action: ETHICS GENDER EQUALITY GOVERNANCE PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT SCIENCE EDUCATION OPEN ACCESS
  9. Resources available in t he RRI Toolkit Project s Get to know other projects already addressing RRI values GO! Inspiring Pract ices Good practices in RRI. Want to follow their lead? GO! Tools Access to different instruments to implement RRI GO! Library Documents, videos, presentations, blogs to get informed on RRI GO!
  10. Join t he RRI Tools Communit y!
  11. Part icipat e!
  12. OPEN ACCESS Embed open access in research practice -Fostering innovation in publishing pathways and implementation of current open access roads and tolls (Green and Gold). -Improving and maximizing access to use and re-use of research data generated by projects. -Joining the Pilot on Open Research Data in Horizon 2020 project. Ensure open access policies -Improving data hosting, access and Governance. -Reviewing researchers' careers with a view on creating incentives and awarding researchers. -Developing institutional repositories to deposit research data and associated metadata. Foster Open Science -Incentivizing Open Science in education programs and best practices and extending the input of knowledge producers in a more open science environment. -Embedding Open Science as a socio-economic driver. -Changing the way the quality and impact of research are evaluatedSource:
  14. OPEN ACCESS OpenAire is a network of Open Access repositories, archives and journals that support Open Access policies. ( It will build a network of centres of expertise in Member States that will develop a coordinated and collaborative programme of activities in support of policymaking at the national level under the direction of project partners. ( e-learning platform that brings together the best training resources for those who need to know more about Open Science, or who need to develop strategies and skills for implementing Open Science practices in their daily workflows. (
  15. www.rri-t