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Open Transport - Han Tambuyzer

  1. The accessibility of the Port of Antwerp and its vacancies Open Belgium 2016 Han Tambuyzer Managing Partner A concrete mobility use-case
  2. nazka mapps | young innovative company | experience in geo-ict & (geo)data-analysis
  3. mission | create interactive mapping applications and location-based services | with social added value | by combining and enriching different (open) data-sources smartly | making it easily accesible
  4. Concerns - status • Accessibility: by car seems only way • No clear overview on other transport options • Very fragmented initiatives • No link with jobs • Difficulty of adresses in Port Areas • Difficult target group • No info on companies and their offer for mobility concerns
  5. • Inform jobseekers on transport options and job offer • Final target group : jobseekers far removed from the labor market or without a car • Focus on Accessibility of the Port of Antwerp City of Antwerp & Fietsschool | Developed by supported by objectives
  6. • Forge partnerships • Explore and collect (existing) open data • Static (xls, shape, ...) • Dynamic online services (API, xml-request, REST, ...) • Involve Stakeholders approach
  7. forging partnerships • Better assessing the situation • Data-sharers (remove reluctance to share) • Feedback • Open up data
  8. • Easily accessible and digitally available • Integrate as much as possible external services and tools • Combine, link and enrich for new insights by visualization and interactive map explore and collect (existing) data
  9. • Federal Government • data on commuter traffic of companies • Port of Antwerp • Companies location (polygons) • Quay numbers • Mobility infrastructure • Public Transport (busstations, train stations) • Bike parkings, safe routes, velo-stations • Carpool Parkings • Collective transport (i-bus, linkeroeverpendel) • Location data on jobcoaches and job services used static data
  10. used dynamic data services • VDAB-vacancy service • CRAB adress service AGIV • GIPOD service AGIV
  11. used external tools • DeLijn – arrivals/departures • NMBS – arrivals • Google Maps Routing • Informative Websites on initiatives
  12. involving Stakeholders • Jobcoaches, employment agencies • Make links to their information • Put them on the map
  13. result is a starting point • Informative Tool primarily for jobcoaches (but also publicly available) • Easy access to vacancies, transport options and companies mobility offer
  14. • 1st application with VDAB vacancy service • 1st interactive publication on commuter traffic offer of companies in the Port of Antwerp • Integration of data on quay & port numbers and correct adresses
  15. way forward • Improve multi-modal options and routing • Involve companies or organisation (voka, portofantwerp) to add, update and edit data dynamically • Improve vacancy completeness and location specific • Mobile application • Integrate as a service in other services (open?) - vdab or company pages
  16. lessons learned • Partnerships and data-sharers • Fragmented – good integration and implementation is needed • Try to use consistent and existing services, combining them into a new enriched one