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Open Data: What’s Next?

  1. Open Data: what’s next?
  2. Hello! I am Jan Vansteenlandt You can find me at @coreation or
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  4. Open Data re-use ● Success based on the level of uniformity ● Mashing up data is hard ● Locally governed data = locally relevant apps
  5. “ Hackathons are fun, but the app I build doesn’t even work in the next city... - definitely someone
  6. Local impact “All pharmacies? Our pharmacy is missing and if I check the map, we’re not the only one.” Last update in 2013.
  7. Local impact Gentse Feesten Less need for booklets! Open Tourism
  8. Internal impact
  9. Bottom-up ● Uniform data on a municipality level ● Semantic data ● API’s
  10. “ Successful business ideas are based on secrets. - Peter Thiel
  11. Top-down Provide a URI for every company.
  12. Top-down Provide a URI for every company.
  13. Top-down ● Harvest data ● Harmonize and enrich ● Internal/External re-use
  14. Bottom-up Local initiatives Data & Meta-data focus Simplifying internal processes Focus on social value Enabling businesses Approach Top-down Global impact Business driven Technical challenge means opportunity Enrich & connect
  15. DCAT What datasets do we have? What datasets do you have?
  16. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONEData Portal How can we publish data? How can we use data?
  17. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONEHow do we benefit?
  19. BusinessesEnricht & Connect
  20. Meet in the middle
  21. Let’s wake up the panel
  22. Reality check What data are you using in your business?
  23. Government Uniformisation through feedback?
  24. Scaling Scaling abroad, hard to tackle?
  25. Ideal world What’s the next best thing for your endeavours.
  26. Q&A Open Belgium 2016 - Slide template CC-BY 4.0 SlidesCarnival You can find me at @coreation or