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Open data in the Brussels region

  1. OpenData Région Bruxelles-Capitale CIRB
  2. SmartCity - OpenData 08/03/2017 2 OpenData
  3. OpenData Order European Directive PSI (Public Sector Information) The PSI Directive was adopted on 10 November 2016 by Brussels-Capital Region parliament See Belgian Monitor : OpenData Licences Ministerial decree must define a set of licenses : - - - Licence fee 08/03/2017 3
  4. Brussels-Capital OpenData Portal 08/03/2017 4
  5. OpenData approach for public sector 08/03/2017 5 1. Make an inventoryof datasets List all datasets, determine openess, … 2. Make datasets findable Document datasets on http://OpenDataStore.Brussels 3. Publish datasets Make data available in open formats 4. Promote Open Data Communicate, inform, organize events, ... About OpenData Make an inventory Make findable Publish Promote
  6. Linked Data 08/03/2017 6 2016-2017 2018-… 2016 : Study Linked Data 2017 : POC Linked Data
  7. 50 shades of no 1. Too expensive; 2. There’s no business case; 3. There’s no commercial value; 4. It’s private; 5. It’s secret; 6. It’s not ours, and we don’t know who’s data it is; 7. No idea what the quality of the data is; 8. We don’t know where to find it; 9. It’s not our job; 10. It isn’t in the right format; 11. I am not authorised; 12. Who is going to use this anyway; 13. People are going to misuse it; 14. Image damage for the minister; 15. We not ready for this; 16. Image loss for Government; 17. The data file is too big; 18. Not enough bandwidth; 19. This is a first step; 20. We can’t find it, we have no access; 21. It is out of date / too old; 22. We have it on paper; 23. We don’t know if it’s legal; 24. Management says no; 25. We never did this before; 26. No value in it 27. No time / no resources 28. We will open up (but adapt 90%) 29. It’s incorrect 30. Commercially sensitive 31. It is dangerous when linked 32. People are going to make the wrong conclusions 33. This is going to start a wrong discussion 34. We can’t say whether we have it or we don’t 35. We know the data is wrong, and people will tell us where it is wrong, then we'd waste resources inputting the corrections people send us 36. Our IT suppliers will charge us a fortune to do an ad hoc data extract 37. Our website cannot hold files this large 38. It's not ours and we don't have authorisation from the data owner 39. We've already published the data (but it's unfindable/unusable) 40. People may download and cache the data and it will be out of date when they reuse it 41. We don't collect it regularly 42. Too many people will want to download it, which will cause our servers to fail 43. People would get upset 44. It’s very sensitive information 45. We are not ready for this 46. Tell us who is going to use it and we will make it open.

Editor's Notes

  1. PSI directive has been adopted by the parliament on 10/11/2016 Licenses has been defined and must be transposed shortly on a decree
  2. The portal will document all datasets from all administrations and municipalities from the brussels-capital region