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Open City, Smart City - Tom Janssens

  1. Open Police The design principles behind the open government platform of the Belgian Police. @OpenPoliceBE Open Belgium 29 February 2016, Antwerp
  2. Who are we? ● I’m Tom Janssens (@janssenstom) ● Multidisciplinair and fully remote team, 15 strong ● Lead by Joomla co-founder Johan Janssens ● Deep roots in Open Source ● Developing the Open Police platform since 2010
  3. On any internet enabled device near you.
  4. Local Police websites Used by 75% of Local Police zones & Federal Police
  5. Sessions and Pageviews from 2010 till end of 2015
  6. 1. Start with user needs
  7. People come to our sites to accomplish tasks and fulfil needs Not just to hang out
  8. What does the user need? without Social Media acquisition +75% visitors for Contact & Questions
  9. Use case District officer search
  10. Use case Your district officer, contact info & office hours
  11. 2. Do less
  12. Re-use existing resources (like APIs) Don’t reinvent the wheel every time
  13. CRAB - AGIV Flemish streets database
  14. Open Source stack
  15. 3. Design with data
  16. Don’t make assumptions Watch and learn from real user behaviour
  18. Heatmaps, Recordings, Funnels, Forms -
  19. User testing
  20. 4. Do the hard work to make it simple
  21. Making something look simple is easy ... … making something simple to use is much harder
  22. Before
  23. After
  24. 5. Iterate. Then iterate again.
  25. +400 closed development tickets since September 2013. Start small and iterate wildly Add features and refinements based on feedback from real users
  26. Schedule a news article
  27. 6. Build for inclusion
  28. Accessible design is good design Make it inclusive, clear and readable
  30. Mobile First Progressive Enhanced
  31. Old browsers? They’ll get the most basic version: single column layout & not enhanced with Javascript. It’s that easy!
  32. 7. Build digital services, not websites
  33. JSON Linked Data
  34. Provide Open Data Accessible, machine-readable standardized data that others can use. Downloadable spreadsheets or CSV files
  35. RESTful API The platform is designed around the HTTP protocol. All data is available through a level 3 JSON REST API.
  36. 8. Understand context
  37. Understand the circumstances Nuisance at night
  38. 9. Be consistent
  39. Same design patterns and language So users will have a reasonable chance of guessing what they’re supposed to do
  40. Digital divide The gap between those who have access to information and the skills to make use of it and those who do not have the skills. Average digital literacy decreases when digital audience increases.
  41. 10. Make things open
  42. Sharing helps
  43. Try it yourself
  44. Design Principles inspired by UK’s Government Digital Service
  45. We build things for the web Thank you - @OpenPoliceBE