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Linked Open Chatbots

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Linked Open Chatbots

  1. 1. Linked Open Chatbots Hans Fraiponts - Digipolis
  2. 2. When you think of Ghent...
  3. 3. Apps for Ghent
  4. 4. Tech Evolved
  5. 5. Gentse Feesten 2013
  6. 6. It’s not about control, it’s about accessibility.
  7. 7. Time doesn’t stand still
  8. 8. It’s not about control, it’s about accountability.
  9. 9. Let’s open data for people, But even more for the future.
  10. 10. Building live applications on LOD.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. No natural language bot?

Editor's Notes

  • rondvraag
    - open data
    - linked open data
    - triple
  • A4G
    Vind plaats in 2011, nog geen dataportaal , maar eerder datasets
    2012 datatank - toeristische data
    2013 openen data gentse feesten / gis
    Later ook de bibdata
    Now from space
  • Tech evolved as well
    We started with hosting csv/xml files
    There is nothing wrong with these files
  • Which is also basically hosting json / xml files
  • Hot weather with stormy nights:
    We also released the program via datatanks as jsn/xml

    Get alot of teams with competitive offers.

    Digipolis bougth an app, and several other pârties did as well.

    The app craze was in full steam ahead
    Many interested parties, tough competiton.
    App building is *hard*.
    The community apps where better.

    So there you go.
  • So json was the way to go,
    Went easy..
    People input events - website - datatank - appdev - end user

    Also for the developer . make a big join query over all the things and dump it

    It worked , but in a sucky way.

    All or nothing , slow ;
  • Do you want to build an app ?
    Is this the best way to serve everybody
    Ids you want to reach people, mobile and accesible websites
  • Building apps is hard; So by 2015, we didn’t bother anymore.

    Which was good, if the community builds apps we don’t have to anymore.

    This really was a nice position.

    We kept focussing on open data, app builders updated their apps
  • VErschil:
    Apps don’t have to write a specifice parsers
    Links data and meaning
    Data can be queried as a whole or in part
    You stay reference of data
  • You are responsible your the information you provide
    Provide a clear place to put your information, update it in the same spot
  • Different builders, different approach:
    Download all
    Provide updates
    No-one proxied
  • So Ghent couldn’t stay behind
    Publishing data as linked open data
    Started with a new platform as a triplestore
    -published all articles as linked open data
  • That’s why you need a good pipeline .
  • GF as linked open data
    It’s not a technology problem
    Taxonomy , organisation

    We still published the json, but the had references to the linked data as well
    Published as lod and jsons

    While in the json times the dev just pulled a report, he now has to think about how to organise and structure the data.
  • Stateless...
  • Ths bot is stateless
    Ran for whole period without glitch 3.5 k users
    Uses buttons . no natural language
  • I’m an old guy.


  • These people aren’t coming to visit our open data portal.
    Machine intelligence is growing , a lot of them are allready mining wikidata.