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From citizen science towards co-constructed air policies in Brussels


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Presentation by Tim Cassiers at the OpenDataDay event 'Towards Clean Air with Open Data'. The event took place at BeCentral in Brussels on Saturday 3 March 2018.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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From citizen science towards co-constructed air policies in Brussels

  1. 1. From citizen science towards co- constructed air policies in Brussels? AIRCASTING BRUSSELS Tim Cassiers – BRAL citizen action Brussels Open data day – Towards clean air with open data 3 march 2018
  2. 2. scientific crowdsourcing 2016 2013 -
  3. 3. Subjective/experiential data : various analytical approaches fine geolocalisation of a specific pollutant - allows model-checking - accurate and communicative
  4. 4. “il nous faut … - un système plus participatif, que tout le monde puisse participer facilement, sans liste d'attente, sans sélection. Pour que les données ses multiplient exponentiellement. La quantité de données fera la différence. - que le matériel soit moins onéreux - facile à construire sois-même - des points fixes et mobiles - que les données soient collectées sans fil automatiquement sur un serveur - que ce serveur puisse recevoir les données, les stocker et les restituer via une API publique. - un simple site web: cartes, graphes dynamiques “ (deelnemer ExpAIR)
  5. 5. méthodes Smarterlabs - JPI urban Europe - Innoviris ‘AIRCASTING Brussels’ Citizen Science
  6. 6. political measures Why citizen science? City community individual collective knowledge production → collective awareness RESEARCH ACTION City community individual
  7. 7. opensource device, server & API development funded by NGO’s & funds designed for several meterings (dB, PM 2.5) open data direct feedback
  8. 8. Measuring your individual experience
  9. 9. Building collective knowledge
  10. 10. citizen science co-produces knowledge Feeds democratic action A C Situated experience citizen-science = to know+ to let know A A
  11. 11. Towards a co-construction of AIR policy in Brussels ? A P C
  12. 12. Any (research) Questions?