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EU SectorLex - Diplohack Brussels

Presenting EU legislation by industrial sector and citizens benefits. This project was brought up by Virginia Mercouri during the Diplohack Brussels hackathon on 29-30 April 2016.

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EU SectorLex - Diplohack Brussels

  1. 1. + EU SectorLex Virginia Mercouri
  2. 2. + Simple Idea – big impact n  For small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in all sectors n  For citizens - increasing the public acceptance of EU policies and legislation
  3. 3. + How this will look like Like this, but for industrial sectors
  4. 4. + Which sectors and what data? n  To complete by mapping with -  Sector units in the COM -  Eurovoc -  industry associations
  5. 5. + For citizens n  Include the Commission citizens’ summary for each new proposal The existing template answers the following questions: -  What is the issue? -  Who will benefit from this proposal? -  Why action has to be taken at EU level? -  What will change exactly? -  When will this come into effect? n  Add a new question:Who needs to take action?
  6. 6. + How will this look like? Add a new tab – Summaries -  By industry sector -  By theme -  For citizens
  7. 7. + EU SectorLex mobile app n  Saving time and money to EU businesses n  Improving citizens’ understanding of EU policy and actions