‘a great field was to be opened up in the line of opening up’ OpenJoyce and the Meaning of ‘Open’


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A presentation on OpenJoyce at the OER13 (please see http://openjoyce.com)

A video is available at https://vimeo.com/62742159

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‘a great field was to be opened up in the line of opening up’ OpenJoyce and the Meaning of ‘Open’

  1. 1. ‘a great field was to be opened up inthe line of opening up’Ronan CrowleyDr Cleo HanawayPat LockleyDr Elizabeth Switaj
  2. 2. Cleo is a Joyce geek who knowspretty-much noting aboutcomputers!She recently completed her doctorate in English Literatureat University of Oxford. Her thesis was entitled seeourselves as others see us: A Phenomenological Study ofJames Joyces Ulysses and Early Cinema.She is currently Cultural Engagement Officer for an AHRC-funded collaboration between the Berkshire Record Officeand the Department of English at the University of Reading,titled Enemies of the State: The Easter Rising and IrishDetainees in Reading Prison(http://blogs.reading.ac.uk/enemies-of-the-state/).
  3. 3. Pat is a computer geek who knowspretty much nothing about Joyce!Pat has done nothing with his life
  4. 4. So how did OpenJoyce start?
  5. 5. Cleo is always OPEN to chatting about Joyce.Pat is always OPEN to chatting (full stop!).Cleo is always OPEN to finding new ways ofthinking about literature.Pat is always OPEN to discovering new things tofind patterns in……..
  6. 6. So we made some visualisations in the vague hope of finding something…. And thenthe visualisations went to Dublin
  7. 7. ….And so the we met Ronanwho has lots of Ulysses drafts and is interested in changesbetween and the books Joyce borrowed from… And heneeded some tools…. So some tools got built…..
  8. 8. ….Then Pat did a MOOC andmet Elizabeth, who wanted to run a MOOC on Joyce…..
  9. 9. So it sort of seemed logical toexplicitly take a static resource (the visualisations, the tools, the sort of community) and make it dynamic Dynamic? ….. Not Open?
  10. 10. 117 Words inLatin have some meaning of “Open”
  11. 11. What does Open mean to you?
  12. 12. Its a buzz word toassociate education withequal opportunity. Its a business angle.
  13. 13. Open to access by the greater majority, as in not strictly limited by specific finance,resource, circumstance, or entry criteria .
  14. 14. An attitude where the naturally reflexive response is to share w.ofriction not only materials created, but ideas and communications,a dedication to making use of and promoting the use of like things.
  15. 15. If it is open it should be freely available to anyoneto access and read at minimum, and ideally as soonas created........Preferably no barriers such as log-ins, and certainly no barriers based on elitememberships. Should have rights of re-use wherepossible. Not everything can be open - or cannot beopen immediately. Means of access anddiscoverability should be open and uncomplicated.Openness should be cumulative, a culture of usingopen information and contributing openinformation, whether a substantial piece ofresearch, or comments and discussions about it.
  16. 16. DON’T PANIC
  17. 17. What does Open mean?
  18. 18. Free to accessEasy to accessFree to re-useEasy to re-useEasily discoverable (possibly helpedthrough publicity, google placing, etc.)Reciprocity (between creator and user)
  19. 19. Post licence worldNo restrictions full stopCollaborativeThere is no point at which openstarts, and no point at which itstops
  20. 20. No preferred licence – happy to discussAll source code availableSharing over multiple sitesAcceptance of the vagueness of “open”Having fun with the vagueness of “open”Didactic Openess
  21. 21. What do we lose from Open?
  22. 22. The idea of having sole intellectualowner ship of an idea or toolAcademic credibility/status (academicjob market still requires applicants tohave traditionally (sole-authored in theHumanities) monographs and journalarticles, even though ‘impact’ is 20% ofthe REF)
  23. 23. Open means I will work for freeOpen means I can take on board anysuggestionsOpen work isn’t valuedOpen still needs explaining
  24. 24. Who wants to work for free?Who wants to give away copyright?Didactic bartering of copyright and time?
  25. 25. What do we gain from Open?
  26. 26. KnowledgeLearning toolsEmpowerment (everyone’s say is worthsomething)New relationships (e.g. between Joycescholars, IT experts, Joyce readers, Joyce-inspired artists)New perspectives (especially when ideasand tools are re-mixed and re-used)‘Impact’ – REF points (translates as moneyfor universities)
  27. 27. A warm feeling?Better skills?Lack of common currency?
  28. 28. No preferred licence – happy to discussAll source code availableSharing over multiple sitesAcceptance of the vagueness of “open”Having fun with the vagueness of “open”No commodity dumping
  29. 29. What do wewant from Open?
  30. 30. Free to accessEasy to accessFree to re-useEasy to re-useEasily discoverable (possibly helped throughpublicity, google placing, etc.)Reciprocity (between creator and user)
  31. 31. The chance to reach peoplewithout barriersThe chance to break out ofcontrolled areas“Good scale”
  32. 32. No affiliationsNo partnershipsNo control (so to speak)Already have one MOOCowTwo more MOOCows comingPossible funding
  33. 33. How can we beopen aboutprojectownership?
  34. 34. Language is important“Open”ly asking people to joinAs many entry points as possibleNo drop outs / hiring /redundancies
  35. 35. How can we beopen toteachinganyone?
  36. 36. Make OpenJoyce as easy to use aspossibleMake OpenJoyce easilydiscoverable (google placing andpromotion through social media)Make it clear that no priorknowledge of Joyce is necessary
  37. 37. How can we beopen to anyrequest?
  38. 38. Ensure that the website’slanguage is non-didactic andinvitingMake OpenJoyce as easy to useas possibleMake OpenJoyce easilydiscoverable
  39. 39. Make it clear that no prior knowledgeof Joyce is necessaryOffer lots of easy-to-find methods forcontacting us and other OpenJoyce‘members’Give equal visibility to each area/themeon the siteAccept it is work
  40. 40. How far canopen go?
  41. 41. We don’t want to be open tospammersWe don’t want to be open topeople who are merely intenton criticising others efforts andapproaches to JoyceYou tell us!
  42. 42.  Trieste-Zurich-ParisOxford-Dublin-Buffalo- Seattle-Open 
  43. 43. Thank you and questions