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Kiwanis 07 06


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A presentation used to educate potential donors and those in need of our services.

Paul J. Keenon, Executive Director ODFT

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Kiwanis 07 06

  1. 14. Crossing Uncomfortable Cultural Barriers
  2. 15. Cultural Barrier – 1: Medical and Mental disability!
  3. 23. Cultural Barrier – 2: Health and Psychological
  4. 31. Cultural Barrier 3: Despair, poverty, and lack of responsibility
  5. 38. Cultural Barrier – 4: Age, immaturity, affluence So called normal kids!
  6. 45. II Corinthians 5:13 “ For if we are beside ourselves (insane) it is for God; if we are of sound mind, it is for you (ourselves).”
  7. 46. How can you help?
  8. 47. Help! No one has been able to fix the six windows that all have rotted! Help maintain our three homes.
  9. 48. Continue doing what you are doing! You have been supporting our Golf Marathon and Bowl-A-Thon financially on an annual basis. (Of course you can always increase the amount !!! Golf Marathon – September 22, 2006 - We could use more Golfer/fund raisers. - Donors always welcome.
  10. 49. Help us find house/foster parents! Know anyone? What are the qualifications? - Be a Christian - Be a married couple - Have no more than two children - Flexible - Willing to learn and follow directions. - Willing to live in a home with three or four teen or young adults. - Willing to become licensed by DCFS and Probation - Willing to have a background check. No drug (illegal) use currently No alcohol use currently No criminal convections (especially for abuse or drugs)
  11. 50. Four ways: - Repairs to homes - Provide Financially - Help find House parents - Participate in Bowl-A-Thon and Golf Marathon