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Open Data Cities and Transport Presentation

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Open Data Cities and Transport Presentation

  1. 1. Open Data Cities & TransportJulian Tait - @julianlstar @opendatamcr @FuturEverything OpenData Manchester
  2. 2. Proposition:How would a city evolve if all data was made open?
  3. 3. Conceptual over administrative model of city Rochdale 206,500 Bolton Bury 262,400 183,300 Oldham 217,273 Wigan 305,500 Salford 218,000 Tameside Manchester 215,500 483,800 Trafford 211,800 Stockport 281,000Ten Local AuthoritiesTwo cities, two aspiring cities Population 2.6 millionFour pan-regional bodies
  4. 4. Identifying communities r te t e e es or id l m da rd rd kp ch n es an ha fo lto ch lfo ry oc an m ig af ld Ro Bo Bu Sa Ta St W M Tr O Policy and improvement Planning Freedom of information Pan Greater Manchester
  5. 5. Building communities
  6. 6. Themed Hackdays and Grand ChallengesOpenData Manchester
  7. 7. DataGM Structure Lead Partners Local Authorities Trafford FE Advisory Body Pan-GM Organisations Voting Steering Group OpenData Manchester10 GM Local Authorities - Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Trafford, Tameside & WiganPan - GM Organisations - TfGM, GMP, GM Fire and Rescue & Strategic Health Authority NWNon Public Sector Organisations - FutureEverything & OpenData ManchesterAdvisory Body - Marketing Manchester, New Economy, MDDA, Open Knowledge Foundation & Others
  8. 8. Business Case - Transport (1) TfGM 14,000+ Bus Stops 15 Bus Stations 50+ trams stops – soon to be 100+ 200+ Train Stations 2,000+ Bus Routes 300,000,000 passenger journeys 40+ Bus Operators As well as highway infrastructure
  9. 9. Business Case - GM Local AuthoritiesEach day there are an estimated up to 600 staff in thepublic sector in Greater Manchester looking for data,trying to access databases and converting data intosingle formats for cross analysis….Cost estimated at £8,500,000 p.a.
  10. 10. Business Case- Transport (2)
  11. 11. Business Case Transport (3)
  12. 12. ReittiGPS, 1st Prize (everyday solutions) RouteClock , 1st Prize (GUI inventions) Seutuseikkailu ,1st Prize (concepts) Markus Halttunen / Essentia Solutions Janne Käki Tuomas Husu & team AudioReitit , 2nd Prize Rate a Ride (GUI inventions) 2nd Prize (concepts) Juho Kostiainen Teemu LaineTässä.fi 2nd Prize (everyday solutions) Markus Tallgren & team / Addfore Technologies Andropas, Honorary Mention Aki Lehtinen Kyyti, Honorary Mention Ilkka Pirttimaa
  13. 13. • +30 mobile apps -> larger service portfolio -> better service to passengers• Positive feedback from passengers and media.• 1/6th of Journey Planner request comes via API. Focus is turning on mobile services.• Large developer base• Benchmarking and ideas to HSL service development• List of apps: default.aspx• Developer resources:
  14. 14. Business Case - Planning Data? ! There are more...
  15. 15. CitySDK22 Partner, 30 month CIP projectHelsinkiRome Domains ofManchesterLisbon Smart mobilityBarcelona Smart participationAmsterdam Smart tourismLamiaIstanbul
  16. 16. THE CITY OF THINGS a TSB ‘Internet of Things’ Convergence project Apps4EuropeOpenData Manchester

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