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Open Badges: Lessons Learned in the Developing Ecosystem


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Lessons learned from open badges systems developed between 2011-2014.

Published in: Education
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Open Badges: Lessons Learned in the Developing Ecosystem

  1. 1. Case Studies Lessons learned in the developing open badges ecosystem
  2. 2. Madison Area Technical College Kate Radionoff, Dean Leslie Voight, Instructional Designer
  3. 3. Badges for non-credit learning Goals: Shifting away from seat time to badged assessments Credentialing non-formal learning Status of badge system: Transitioning to Pearson Acclaim Developing badges for all PD classes Expanding system to include other colleges
  4. 4. Lessons Learned • Needed instructional resource: – to act as a point person within the org to lead project – to connect with busy instructors • Know your resources: – staff – technical • Badge business model: – business plan – design strategy – resources • Know your goals: – lay out goals from the beginning – identify steps needed to achieve goals – define what 'success' means for your system • Buy-in: – Faculty: allow time for gaining faculty buy-in and provide training / information – Employers: look at existing value structures / standards that can add value to badges
  5. 5. Penn State Chris Gamrat, Instructional Designer Chris Stubbs & Bart Pursel
  6. 6. Catalyst for Change Goals: recognize personalized learning support teacher PD and cont’d learning State of badge system: currently in pilot phase planned release: fall 2014
  7. 7. Lessons Learned (so far) • Peer assessment: – advantages and disadvantages to this method • Quality of evidence: – can be difficult to get ‘good’ evidence for badges • Know your use strategy: – don’t develop badges if you aren’t sure how you’re going to use them – understand your students’ and employers’ needs • Know your limits: – understand the time (and price) of building your system – what barriers are there to learning? – what about the intangibles?
  8. 8. Borders College, Scotland Suzanne Scott, eLearning Coordinator
  9. 9. Replacing Paper Certs. with Badges Goals: increase student engagement & retention build student employability acknowledge student use of Moodle recognize staff PD State of badge system: currently in pilot phase ongoing pilots to assess badges’ long term potential
  10. 10. Lessons Learned • Challenges & Concerns: – overloading lecturing staff • automated Moodle reports • staff badges recognizing PD • ongoing support for staff – ensuring badge value • Lessons Learned: – gaining faculty support beneficial before starting – allocating more time to educate / inform – visual design important for overall impact
  11. 11. UC Davis SA & FS Major Joanna Normoyle, Learning Coordinator Experiential & Digital Media Learning
  12. 12. Capturing Varied Learning Experiences Goals: support learning in & out of the classroom create student-driven, outcomes-based system improve quality of interactions between students, mentors, faculty and advisers help students track progress promote varied learning models provide an elegant, achievable, scalable model for implementing competency-based education using the principles of connected learning State of badge system: initiating student pilot of system redesigning learning portfolios as road maps
  13. 13. Lessons Learned • Focus on user experience – it’s about the learning, not the earning – focus on faculty as well as students • Faculty buy-in – faculty adoption is key; don’t overlook their experience – make the system desirable and rewarding to use – consider technical / structural barriers • Strategy & vision: – create a strong vision and team – technology, content and design are all important – find the right technical partner(s) – start with learning objectives and work from there
  14. 14. Providence After School Alliance Hillary Salmons, Exec. Director Ann Durham, Director of Quality Improvement
  15. 15. Building Learning Pathways Goals: recognize, motivate, and validate students’ learning connect students’ interests and achievements create seamless learning pathways connect middle/high school, college & career State of badge system: scaled back system from 6-12th grade to HS slowly expanding system
  16. 16. Lessons Learned • Understand badge concepts • Tie badges to quality learning experiences: – badges are more than just ‘trophies’ • Stakeholder buy-in: – familiarize stakeholders with badges early on – provide continued support and info – pull industry leaders into conversation early – build badge relevance and demand early • employers & higher ed. • Challenges: – integrating badges with existing technological platforms and systems
  17. 17. Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) Linda Braun, Ed Tech Consultant Nicole Gibby Munguia, YALSA Program Officer for Continuing Education
  18. 18. Recognize Staff Skill Development Goals: improve, and enhance library staff skills recognize skill development based on YALSA’s ‘Competencies for Serving Youth’ State of badge system: testing phase in progress full system launch later in 2014
  19. 19. Lessons Learned • Importance of robust LMS: – badge activities, tasks, artifacts etc. need a place to live • Know your goals: – don’t create badges for the sake of badges – has to be market need • System development process: – think about the entire process ahead of time – badges are ‘at the end’: focus on learning objectives and how to get people there • Costs: – the more complex the system, the more costly • Partnerships: – partners can be helpful – make sure you find the right partners for your organization
  20. 20. Common themes • Identify your goals and ‘success’ first • Think carefully about partnerships • Know your resources & limitations • Start small, think big: – think about expansion but don’t try to do too much too fast – allow [lots of] time for stakeholder buy-in – find the shortest path to achieving your goals “It’s about the learning, not the earning”