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OpenAthens Conference 2019: Creating a seamless reading experience with OpenAthens and PressReader


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Mark Ritchie, Director of libraries, PressReader

PressReader works with OpenAthens to build a seamless user experience, offering access to over 7,000 newspapers and magazines straight from the PressReader app. OpenAthens integrates well with the PressReader platform, giving students off-site access by logging in once using the same credentials they already use for other services at their institution. It’s one less thing to remember, and makes access easier than ever.

This presentation features real examples of how PressReader works with OpenAthens to solve the problems of institutions around the world to elevate the user experience. Because while content matters, so does the way you access it and your students want an easy way to read stories that matter to them.

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OpenAthens Conference 2019: Creating a seamless reading experience with OpenAthens and PressReader

  1. 1. Mark Ritchie Director, Libraries
  2. 2. 7000+ publications 120+ countries 60+ languages Our business experience: About PressReader Aviation Hospitality Libraries Marine Corporate Medical Telco
  3. 3. Eliminate inefficiencies while elevating the user experience.
  4. 4. The Challenge for Libraries
  5. 5. OpenAthens + PressReader App Integration Single sign-on for seamless access
  6. 6. OpenAthens and PressReader Case Study Partners
  7. 7. Issues facing libraries • Anytime access to online resources • Budget Cuts • Dwindling usage • Lack of Training • Understaffing
  8. 8. Remote access and PressReader solution “PressReader’s helped libraries become an information gateway to the outside world. With OpenAthens authentication, access to trusted resources is seamless” - Stacyann Quintero, Library Director, Forde Library
  9. 9. The value of trust Libraries evoke a feeling of trust, so should their content. “In this era of fake news, a platform which provides access to more than 7,000 reliable newspapers and magazines in an electronic format and with a single sign- on, is a big deal for us.” - Evangelia Katrinaki, Research Support Centre Librarian, Cedefop
  10. 10. Premium value
  11. 11. PressReader and OpenAthens. The perfect partnership.
  12. 12. Contact Mark Ritchie Director, Libraries Mobile: +1 778 881 5903 Office: +1 604 278 4606 ext 246 Enjoy 1 month of complimentary PressReader access: