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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - Stephanie Dawson (Science Open)


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"Metadata as a Motor for Discovery"

Presentation delivered during the workshop
Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands
April 5th and 6th, 2018

Published in: Science
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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - Stephanie Dawson (Science Open)

  1. 1. 4/10/2018Author: Stephanie Dawson; License: CC BY Metadata & Discovery Metadata as a Motor for Discovery Beyond APCs: Alternative Open Access Publishing Busniess Models The Hague, 05 April 2018 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  2. 2. I published my work „Open Access“. Is that all I get?
  3. 3. Small, scholar-run publishers often struggle with technology Article: PDF instead of full text XML, sometimes no DOI References: Often not linked, embedded in pdf Author: ORCID Ids, first/last name tagging, affiliation Abstract, Keywords: Not depostied with DOI License: Creative Commons, Machine-Readable Michael Coghlan, Flickr CC BY-SA Beyond APCs… @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  4. 4. Richer metadata means better discovery
  5. 5. Scholarly articles in context: ScienceOpen search/discovery platform 40 million research article records 17 million authors 25thousand journals Beyond APCs… @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  6. 6. @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Leveraging context for a better search experience
  7. 7. Example: Author tagging in Crossref @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  8. 8. #Force2017 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Low quality metadata = poorer experience for authors
  9. 9. #Force2017 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin With better author meta data: Sort publications by citations, Altmetric score, usage, date
  10. 10. Open Access? Make sure license information is deposited in a machine-readable form! Scott Lynch, Bankey, Flickr_CC BY
  11. 11. #OpenConBerlin @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Add a filter – Date, Open Access, Affiliation…
  12. 12. Citation-tracking on ScienceOpen
  13. 13. #Force2017 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Sort reference lists by citation and more
  14. 14. Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlinMichael Coghlan, Flickr CC BY-SA
  15. 15. More metadata! Preprints DOI? Crossref or others? Open Peer Review For Preprint or Postprint? Portable? License? Versioning With Crossref DOI? As Preprint or published article? Metrics Altmetric score for Preprint? Usage statistics? Beyond APCs… @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  16. 16. How can we activate the scholarly community post publication?
  17. 17. #Force2017 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin ScienceOpen Collections: flexible, community driven, searchable
  18. 18. #Force2017 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Part of our service package for journal publishers
  19. 19. #Force2017 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin User interaction with your content
  20. 20. Peer evaluation: A cornerstone of (Open?) Science Street Artist SAM3 Image via
  21. 21. Open post-publication peer review mit ScienceOpen / Integration mit CrossRef, ORCID Beyond APCs… @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  22. 22. Share your expertise: Open review on ScienceOpen 4/10/2018ScienceOpen Launchpad22
  23. 23. We are your team for As an aggregator of information, ScienceOpen will continue to open up, share, add to and explore the context of scholarly research in support of open knowledge goals. Join us! Contact: Twitter: @Science_Open, @SDawsonBerlin Facebook: Beyond APCs @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin