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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - Max Mosterd (Knowledge Unlatched)


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"Transitioning journals using an APC-free model"

Presentation delivered during the workshop
Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands
April 5th and 6th, 2018

Published in: Science
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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - Max Mosterd (Knowledge Unlatched)

  1. 1. Knowledge Unlatched Transitioning journals into an APC-free model Learnings from the KU 2017 journal pilot
  2. 2. Knowledge Unlatched2 Knowledge Unlatched
  3. 3. Knowledge Unlatched3  Transition journals into 3-year APC-free publishing model for any author  Crowdsourcing the target APC revenue of a journal  KU holds the right to unlatch the journal into this new model if the target APC revenue is met  Otherwise review the pricing and options with the publisher  Risk-free model for publishers KU Select Journal Model
  4. 4. Knowledge Unlatched4  In total 21 journals were included  Volume 5 to 10 (or beyond), English language, HSS  Various business models:  Subscription journals (10x)  Gold OA journals (9x)  Institutionally funded journals (1x)  Target to transition all into the APC-free model KU Select 2017 setup
  5. 5. Knowledge Unlatched5  In total 16 journals were unlatched (80%)  Full target not reached  Updated agreement to transition following titles:  Subscription journals (6x) – Berghahn, Brill, SAGE, Peter Lang  Gold OA journals (9x) -- MDPI  Institutionally funded journals (1x) – UopenJournals  Early effect on Gold OA journals:  MDPI reported 80% increase in submissions 2018Q1 for unlatched journals KU Select 2017 outcome
  6. 6. Knowledge Unlatched6 Feedback & Learnings
  7. 7. Knowledge Unlatched7  For some the package was too diverse:  ‘‘No interest in package, only in a few journals‘‘  Double-dipping risk  ‘‘Cannot cancel subscription due to uncertainty with backfiles‘‘  ‘‘Journals are part of a larger deal, cannot opt out (SAGE)‘‘  No clear budgets, or operationally challenging to coordinate  ‘‘Cannot organise the funding internally“  Observation I: Clear differentation between “access driven‘ and ‘publication driven‘ journals  High number of subscribers that don‘t publish / High number of publications per year  Observation II: APC savings / showing publications sales argument worked well  Interest of librarians triggered by mentioning publications of their faculty  Observation III: Subscription argument did not work well  E.g. 3 subscriptions to journals in collection, still no pledge for all 21 Selection of feedback received
  8. 8. Knowledge Unlatched8 Customer profiles  Challenge for APC-free journals: how to convince profile 1 & 3 institutions to support?
  9. 9. Knowledge Unlatched9  KU Select 2018 STEM Journals – focus on subscription & hybrid journals  KU Select 2018 HSS Journals – smaller package, focus on subscription & OA journals  KU Partners – Active outreach support for publisher specific OA models  Books – Language Science Press  Journals – In conversation with MDPI Moving forward – KU Journals
  10. 10. Knowledge Unlatched Thank you!