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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs: Julien McHardy, Vincent W.J. Van Gerven Oei; Janneke Adema; Joe Deville


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New Platforms for Open Access Book Distribution

Presentation delivered during the workshop
Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands
April 5th and 6th, 2018

Published in: Science
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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs: Julien McHardy, Vincent W.J. Van Gerven Oei; Janneke Adema; Joe Deville

  1. 1. New Platforms for Open Access Book Distribution Julien McHardy Mattering Press Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei Punctum Books Joe Deville Mattering Press Janneke Adema Open Humanities Press OpenAire Workshop 5-6 April, The Hague
  2. 2. Project Consortium What is a book? Innovating through non-hierarchical, non-competitive collaboration Mattering Press Open Book Publishers Open Humanities Press Mayfly Books Meson Press Punctum Books
  3. 3. Motivation: Scaling Small Creating a community of presses to • Pool resources • Share expertise • Multiply Karma • Reduce reliance on intermediaries and BPC Approach Develop: • Shared infrastructure • A collective presence to funders, authors, libraries, POD services and readers (Ideal: An alternative OA marketplace)
  4. 4. Process Mapping the challenges to OA book distribution Identifying possible platforms and solutions Develop design specs, hire expert help, prototype platforms Test and improve (ROA Conference) Review and Dissemination
  5. 5. Key Challenges • Discoverability Better meta data consistent across presses, shared catalogue • Library Access Better meta data, Bundle offers/Scale, Collaboration with scholarly communication programmes, Collective presence at library conferences. • Direct sales Automatic upload of orders to POD, alternative marketplace -> better metadata • Marketing Shared catalogue, cross-press links, recommendations and collective book bundle promotion, shared marketplace
  6. 6. A threefold strategy Total R&D Budget: €18,100 SP1: Shared Metadata Infrastructure and Standards Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei Punctum Books Budget: 10,300 € SP2: Library Integration Joe Deville Mattering Press Budget: 2,900 € SP3: Consortium Conference Presence Janneke Adema Open Humanities Press / Radical Open Access Budget: 5,000 €
  7. 7. The Problem
  8. 8. The Solution Metadata Database
  9. 9. The Solution Metadata Database • Single way of recording/updating/synchronizing publication metadata • Harmonization of metadata across different platforms: • Publisher website/catalog • Institutional repositories / University libraries • DOI registration agencies • Open Access repositories • Publishing platforms • Metadata harvesters • Exchange of metadata between OA publishers
  10. 10. Production Phases – WP1 Metadata Schema Hosted on GitHub
  11. 11. Production Phases – WP1 Metadata Schema Metadata Schema Validator Hosted on GitHub
  12. 12. Production Phases – WP1 Metadata Schema Metadata Schema Validator Hosted on GitHub Locally hosted copy Synchronization Recording/Retrieving
  13. 13. Production Phases – WP1 Metadata Schema Metadata Schema Validator Hosted on GitHub Locally hosted copy Synchronization GUI Recording/Retrieving
  14. 14. Production Phases – WP2 Metadata Schema Metadata Schema Validator Hosted on GitHub Exporting/Synchronization
  15. 15. Subproject 2: Achieving Better Library Integration The problem • Getting Open Access books into academic libraries a long-standing challenge • Some successes achieved by Open Access presses, however knowledge of how to achieve this siloed within particular organisations & individuals • Libraries prefer to order books via standing orders/predictable packages • Libraries not keen on dealing with very small presses
  16. 16. Towards a solution • Increase knowledge of library processes within consortium presses by (a) researching state of existing knowledge within consortium members and (b) setting up a consortium-wide advisory board featuring key supporters within academic libraries • Better understand possibilities for / barriers to creating a consortium-wide standing order package for libraries • Establishing the minimum required standards for the creation of MARC records • Explore possibilities for easier creation of MARC records • Disseminate knowledge gained beyond consortium
  17. 17. Practicalities • Employing Penny Andrews to undertake research into: (a) existing state of knowledge amongst consortium presses + compile into easily sharable format (b) suitable members of library advisory board (c) minimum standards for MARC record (d) Different tools/solutions for creating MARC records [Penny is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, researching how users perceive different kinds of infrastructure for sharing research (e.g. and ResearchGate)] • Supported by Sherri Barnes from UC Santa Barbara library - a long-standing collaborator with Punctum Books & has extensive knowledge of challenges facing integrating OA publications into library processes • Feeding into a research grant (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation) being worked on by Punctum Books - includes work packages designed to help individual / consortia of OA presses obtain institutional library funding Penny Andrews Sherri Barnes
  18. 18. Subproject 3: Consortium Conference Presence • Model for collaborative conference stands • Open source portable pop-up stall • Co-promotion • Co-sales • Promotion of OA & not- for-profit publishing • Events/lectures/talks around the stand • Ability to share and download publications
  19. 19. Aims • To create a portable conference pack (in 3 versions: Print Out DiY Information Pack, Flyers and Promotional Materials Pack, Publications Pack) • To develop a simple system for taking orders of each others’ books at conferences • To develop a model for setting up a collaborative conference presence which can be expanded beyond the consortium, i.e. to the Radical Open Access Collective • To make a public and political statement about the importance of collaboration amongst scholar-led OA publishers
  20. 20. Conferences • Radical Open Access II – The Ethics of Care (Coventry, June 26th-27th ) • EASST (Lancaster 25-28th July) • Crossroads in Cultural Studies (Shanghai, August 12th-16th) • 4S (Sydney August 29th–September 1st) • UACES conference (Academic Ass. for Cont. Eur. Studies) (Bath 2-5th September) • AAA (San José, 14-18 Nov)
  21. 21. Dissemination beyond the consortium • Presenting outputs at least three conferences (LIBER, EASST, RadicalOA) • In the process of writing a position paper addressing key challenges of scholar- led Open Access book publishing to be published on consortium members’ websites & distributed amongst Open Access publishing community • Will author at least one blog post published on an external website (e.g. LSE Impact Blog, OpenDemocracy) • Beta versions of the platform will be circulated for comment beyond the consortium • Once a functioning version of the metadata platform is up and running will create webcast aimed at introducing its functionalities to the Open Access book publishing community • Where possible, outputs to be shared on a copyright free (e.g. CC0) basis on easily accessible platforms (e.g. Github)
  22. 22. In the spirit of collaboration Thanks to OpenAire and all participants for your input and support