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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - Jean-Sébastien Caux (SciPost)


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"Midterm review of OpenAIRE grant"

Presentation delivered during the workshop
Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands
April 5th and 6th, 2018

Published in: Science
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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - Jean-Sébastien Caux (SciPost)

  1. 1. Midterm review of OpenAIRE grant Jean-Sébastien Caux Chairman, SciPost Foundation 6 April 2018 KB, Den Haag
  2. 2. A complete scientific publishing portal (it’s a fully-featured publishing entity) Journals Commentaries Theses links What is it? Who runs it? Professional scientists (it is and will remain entirely grassroots) What does it offer? Two-word summary? Openness Quality
  3. 3. Implement true-to-spirit Open Access two-way: free for readers, free for authors Decouple scientific & financial issues isolate scientists from the latter remove publish-to-cash-in flaw of current APCs Modernize the refereeing procedure Give more credit to referees Streamline post-publication feedback Reform impact assessment What does it aim to achieve?
  4. 4. Organisational structure: Stichting SciPost non-profit foundation, ANBI Advisory Board a dozen preeminent scientists Editorial College professionally active senior scientists (numbers scaled with operations, currently 50+) Executive Admin + teams of officers running operations Development Production Support Supporting Partners Financial backbone
  5. 5. Classifying publishing business models
  6. 6. Gradations of openness
  7. 7. Supporting Partners Board (Inter)national funding agencies Universities & libraries Government Foundations Benefactors Our needs: Running costs depend on success level. Partnership: ~ €1K per univ per year/domain Current estimate: about €300/paper average Financing model
  8. 8. Activity 1: Consolidation of the Supporting Partners Board Consolidate SciPost’s consortial business model by expanding the Supporting Partners Board to a sufficient size to ensure sustainability. ~
  9. 9. Activity 2: Consolidation of the Editorial College (Physics) Ensure the presence of expertise within the College for all specializations of Physics;
 Maintain the workload of each Fellow to handling around 5 Submissions per calendar year. ~ ~
  10. 10. Activity 3: Promotion of SciPost among active scientists Citation invitations Flyer Promotional video ✔ ✔ ✔
  11. 11. Activity 4: Groundwork for expansion into areas beyond Physics Produce a concrete template to operate the portal in other areas; Ensure that the site’s codebase is fully operational in a multi-area setup; Initiate work on open sourcing the codebase; If opportune, launch titles in other areas ✔ ~ ~ ?
  12. 12. Our first Supporting Partners:
  13. 13. Representation at OA meetings: COUPERIN: Journées Science Ouverte (Paris, January) Humans of Copyright meeting at EU (Brussels, March) Wuppertal (June) Paris (June) + at all conferences & workshops during professional activities
  14. 14. Immediate challenge: how to respond to the EC Call for Tenders for Open Research Publishing Platform EC asks for ~what SciPost already does Barred from applying (turnover < 1M€, 1 area) In a sense, an opportunity for SciPost: vindication/endorsement of our publishing model chance to profile ourselves as the better platform by capitalizing on the “faults” of the call must accelerate pace of expansion, before support (through SPB) is secured
  15. 15. Thanks