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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - James Smith (Open Library of Humanities)


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Presentation delivered during the workshop
Royal Library, The Hague, Netherlands
April 5th and 6th, 2018

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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs - James Smith (Open Library of Humanities)

  1. 1. Introduction to Marketing Activities Feb-June 2018 Dr James Smith, Marketing Officer, OLH
  2. 2. Stated goals for the Marketing Plan 1. Enlarge membership of the OLH consortium to allow growth in the number of journals supported by the platform and to increase the sustainability of the model. 2. Increase the visibility of the OLH on social media through a programme of content marketing and conversations with the humanities OA community designed to build solidarity and mutual empowerment. 3. Enable new interventions in humanities OA and to better use the knowledge and skills of its staff and wider affiliate network.
  3. 3. #EmpowOA Scheme 1) Librarians are our energy. The OLH will strengthen libraries’ collective power. 2)The scholars who edit and write for our journals are building an international open access community.The OLH will strengthen this powerful advocacy network. 3) Humanities scholars and librarians are our lifeblood. The OLH will support this growing community.
  4. 4. New content and new conversations New Initiatives -A referral scheme and CRM scheme -Reaching out to new partners/allies -A toolkit for librarians and for scholars New Conversations -The ‘Open Insights’ essay series -Twitter chats -An advocacy scheme -More proactive and diverse social media
  5. 5. Advocacy Presentations -Template materials for OLH talks, posters, reference sheets etc. Information -Diverse and easily discoverable information about the OLH on the website, easier sharing of information -Needs analysis of different groups Website -More readily available material for both librarians (ROI, use of resources, arguments for and renewal) and authors (e.g. how does the model work?, how can I help?, how can the OLH help me?) -Study of user experience, user journeys etc.
  6. 6. Membership and retention
  7. 7. TheToolkit Infographics FAQ Presentation template Bibliography Glossary Videos Case studies in OA Lists of resources Librarian guides
  8. 8. And more International outreach -Asia-Pacific-friendly twitter chats and engagement with Australasian Open Access Strategy Group -Offers underway to international consortia with significant membership in Asia-pacific Analytics -More nuanced use of website using new Matomo suite (popularity of content, user journeys, conversions) -Active social media strategy, use of metrics and community engagement to create content
  9. 9. Progress Report Seven new members -Through new workflow, it was possible to determine that two of these new members joined as a result of marketing activities -There are initiatives underway that may lead to bloc memberships New content -Two new blog posts, a programme of essays and interviews through until June, a successful Twitter chat (and another on the 13th) The best month for the OLH onTwitter in its history -More content, more engagements, higher visibility -Also a more active presence on Facebook
  10. 10.